Greenhouse Engagement – Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

I must be behind on the times, but did you guys know that the IMA(Indianapolis Museum of Art) is now knows as Newfields? I had no idea! At least I didn’t until Chrissie & Nathan expressed their interest in having their engagement session there. I had to google it before I realized it was the same location, since I had never heard of Newfields before. But I have DEFINITELY heard of the IMA and I’ve had quite a few sessions(and even a wedding!) there. I was delighted to know that they were the one and only Newfields now and looked forward to their session with lots of excitement. I’ve you’ve never been to their gardens, they are absolutely stunning, especially this time of year with peak blooming season. We were able to schedule their session during the peak bloom season and it. was. incredible. However, we stumbled upon their tiny greenhouse and that’s what I’m sharing with you guys today. It made for such and interesting location, something unique and full of textures and colors. Thanks for letting my creative side show Chrissie & Nathan! I loved roaming the gardens with you guys.

And obviously I have to show you guys the rest of their session 😉 So here’s some from the Newfields garden, not just their greenhouse.