Christmas Studio Photography Sessions – Kokomo Indiana Photographer

I hope everyone enjoyed First Friday and the Kokomo Christmas Parade this past weekend! We’ve certainly been enjoying the colder overcast weather and all the local celebrations, it’s gotten us in the Christmas spirit for this months photography studio mini sessions. I’m hoping we get to hit up the Greentown drive through lights next, it’s quickly become our favorite tradition since the We Care lights retired.

We are celebrating this month with another studio family photography setup in style by bringing to life another classic Christmas setup this year at our Downtown Kokomo Indiana photography studio. These sessions can be booked Monday-Thursday and are available for the entire month of December, up until Christmas. Bring your immediate or extended family to celebrate Christmas in style! With the optional use of our lifestyle bed as a secondary Christmas scene backdrop(particularly useful for those Christmas pajamas). These make the cutest Christmas gifts and of course those yearly Christmas cards.

And a reminder that it’s never ever everrrrrrr too late to send out Christmas cards. Right now we are offering a 48 hour turn around time for these particular sessions, because if you are busy like me, you are probably just now getting to that Christmas to-do list.

Thank you for another successful year at Jessica Newton Photography! As Kokomo’s one and only boutique photography studio, we couldn’t have done it without you. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Tips for Photographing Your Newborn ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

RSV. Flu. Covid. It’s that time of year where hospitals slowly start to implement visitor restrictions for family, friends, and photographers. Which may mean that your scheduled Fresh 48 session with us…might not be allowed. But that doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from the hospital without memories of your baby!

Germy germs cause uncertainty for parents everywhere and we want to alleviate just a tiny bit of that uncertainty. Here are some tips from us on how to photograph your newborn baby at the hospital, if your photographer can not attend your birth/fresh 48 session.

1). Prepare your camera.

Whether it’s an iphone or DSLR, make sure that your lens is clean. A dirty lens will create hazy images. We want crisp clean images, so be sure to wipe down your camera lens or your phone lens so that it is free of oils and smudges. A warm damp cloth with just water works well.

2). Time your session.

The best time of day to photograph your baby is going to be in the daytime. If the sky is overcast, you can photograph your baby almost any time while the sun is out. If the sky is clear and sunny, it’s best to wait until the sun is highest in the sky and not shining directly into your window with sun beams.

Be sure to raise any blinds on the window and turn off all lights in the room, so that the only light coming in is from the window. It will be dark, don’t worry, window light is sufficient.

3). Prepare your baby.

Feed your baby prior to the session. This way Baby will have a full tummy and they’ll be more likely to stay calm while you are taking photos. And if not, no worries! If you start taking photos of your baby and they cry, comfort them and/or offer some more food until they are happy or asleep.

4). Dressing baby.

Take photos of baby swaddled and photos of baby unswaddled.

We recommend using the plain white hospital issued newborn outfits. These are nostalgic and represent your time with baby in the hospital.

When swaddling, keep in mind that nurses are the *best* swaddlers. If you need help, they are happy to assist. For photos the swaddle should be nice and snug around baby, and not around their face so that you can see their sweet little cheeks and chin. We also recommend utilizing the hospital issued blanket as a swaddle or any muslin swaddle. Our favorites can be found at Pottery Barn and they come in so many styles and color print options. Neutrals are best but any style will do.

5). Placing baby.

Clean up any loose clothing items, gifts, belongings, etc. away from the window so they will not be in the photographs. Wheel the bassinet as close to the window as you can and lock the wheels.

There are multiple ways that you can position baby but for the most beautiful shadows I recommend having the back of Baby’s head facing the window, so that the light falls down and across their face. You can also lay the bassinet flat against the window lengthwise for a lovely silhouette shot.

6). Focus.

Between each photo, check your focus. It’d be awful to take all these beautiful photos but for them to be fuzzy. Focus on Baby’s eyes whenever taking photos of their face.

7). Details.

Don’t forget them. Details mean so so so very much years later. Get as close to those little eyelashes as you can. Take photos of their ears, their wrinkly hands, their sweet little cow like, and their blushy toes. Added details of the bassinet name card, your room number, and your birthing suite hallways are also great details to have as remember your time at the hospital.

Although this isn’t a replacement for a professional photographer, I hope this is helpful in circumstances when we can’t be there. Just remember to add your camera to your hospital to go bag, get lots of rest before photographing your baby, and have fun. Stay safe and healthy, we will see you all very soon!


Tag The Date ~ Mikayla & Tyler’s Farm Engagement Session ~ Indiana Wedding Photographer

Tomorrow is WEDDING DAY for Mikayla & Tyler at their farm in Atlanta, Indiana and I can. not. wait. Barn weddings are definitely a staple in the midwest but getting married on your own farm is something extra special. Not only is family land already special in a fuzzy feel good way, adding wedding day memories to an already memorable location really can’t be beat.

When chatting about their wedding day last year, we met up at our Buckeye Street photography studio in Downtown Kokomo Indiana. Engagement sessions are included at no charge in all of our wedding packages and are a great “test run” to show us your natural chemistry together. It also is a great way to give you a small glimpse on how we work when it comes to portraits prior to the big day. Mikayla & Tyler chose to do their engagement session at their home farm since that was their intended wedding site and the photos were truly perfection.

The sunrise that day couldn’t have been better and she did a great job picking out their outfits with warm tons, neutrals, and a definite nod to the fall weather. Their puppies came and went throughout the session and made their way into several of the photos which I loved. They also did the cutest little farm save the date idea! Using some of their cow ear tags that said “tag the date” was a perfect nod to their wedding location and new farm life together. And of course we had to do it in the cow pasture, their bovine babies didn’t seem to mind a bit.

All in all, we are SO excited for their wedding day tomorrow and can’t wait to see them once again on their home property. Mikayla & Tyler, we will see you tomorrow!

Avery Jo ~ Central Indiana Maternity & Newborn Photographer

Wow this month has been busy, happy almost fall! Aside from smashing our newborn session record this month(and the amount of tomatoes I’ve picked in my garden, sheesh), we had the absolute pleasure of meeting a fellow photographer and her sweet baby girl.

You’ve probably seen her mama pop up on my instagram a few times, her maternity session makes it in as one of my all time favorites. We went out to Greentown Indiana and hit up sunset with one of my Reclaimation maternity gowns and the lighting was soooo good! We even grabbed some highlights of the moon and surrounding textures, it truly couldn’t have been more perfect.

(pssst. click the photo to view their gallery)

And just a few days later at a tad under 1 week old, Miss Avery Jo was paying us a visit to our newborn photography studio in Kokomo Indiana. She understood the assignment, breaking our studio record for most ever setups in a single newborn session in just a short span of just 2.5 hours, she was an absolute dream baby. Aside from her amazing head of hair, I think my favorite thing about her newborn session was the skin to skin photos that we set up in her family photos. Anytime I can get photos of parents with their new babe skin to skin, it’s truly magic. And babies LOVE it which is why it’s often encouraged in the hospital just after birth.

Avery’s mama booked a Grow With Me Plan with us which means this won’t be the last time we will be seeing her. We can’t wait for her future sessions and to see how much she has grown(and to see how much that hair has grown too). Here are some of our top favorites of her and also some of mom & dad. Have a great week everyone!

How many hours of photography coverage do we need for our wedding day? ~ Kokomo, Indiana Photographer

Every wedding day looks different, because every couple is different. Your wedding day is meant to revolve around you and YOUR personal preferences, not ours. We joke that we are emotional support animals for our brides and grooms(because we are!). Our photos are unique to you and your vision and are based on the shape that your wedding day will take form. So naturally, your timeline will be just as unique as you, so every wedding photography timeline will be different.

The best wedding timelines(and the most accurate) and typically formed about 2-4 weeks before your big day. By this time you’ll likely have all of your vendors arrival times, you’ll know whether or not you want to do a first look, you’ll know your hair and makeup start time, you’ll have a guideline from your wedding planner or DJ, etc. Once you have the big pieces, we can start forming all the little pieces that make up your wedding photography timeline. It’s kind of like putting together the edges of a puzzle first. Once you have the edges, you can just fill everything else in.

But…we can give you a little bit of a head start! Below is a timeline that reflects an average wedding day for us. Feel free to use it as a planning tool or use it to review and spur questions for us.


JNP Wedding Photography Timeline

11:00pm Jessica & Ashley Arrive

11:05pm Wedding Dress & Detail Photos

12:00pm Getting Ready with Bride/Bridesmaids

12:30pm Getting Ready with Groom/Groomsmen

1:00pm Bride Getting Into Dress

1:30pm First Look with Father of the Bride

1:45pm First Look with the Groom 

2:00pm Bride & Groom Portraits

2:40pm Bride & Bridesmaid Portraits

3:00pm Groom & Groomsmen Portraits

3:20pm Entire Bridal Party Portraits

4:00pm Bridal Party Hide – Guests Begin To Arrive  

4:30pm Ceremony Begins

4:50pm Ceremony Ends – Cocktail Hour Starts

5:00pm Family Portraits 

5:30pm Bridal Party Line Up for Reception Introductions

5:45pm Bridal Party Introduced

5:55pm Official Greeting/Prayer

6:00pm Dinner Begins

6:45pm Toasts by Best Man & Maid of Honor

7:00pm Cake Cutting

7:10pm First Dance as Mr & Mrs

7:15pm First Dance with Bride & Father of the Bride

7:20pm First Dance with Groom & Mother of the Groom

7:25pm Generation/Anniversary Dance

7:30pm Open Dance Floor

8:15pm Bouquet Toss

8:20pm Garter Toss

8:30pm Sunset Portraits with Bride & Groom

8:55pm Bride & Groom’s Grand Exit

9:00pm Jessica & Ashley Depart

So there you have it! A wedding photography timeline with us. But hey hey….take this with a grain of salt. Each wedding day is so different! You may or may not want a first look. You may have a full mass ceremony. You might want to do your reception first and get married under the moonlight(Ashley I’m looking at you).

The sky is the limit because it’s your wedding day. We are just the guests.

<3 Jessica




The Todderud Family ~ Kokomo Indiana Photography Studio

There are few people in this world that love flowers as much as me. Okay okay okay so I can’t prove this but I LOVE FLOWERS. I grew up on a flower farm and watching my parents cultivate flowers for years made me a lover of all things colorful and floral scented. Marc Jacob’s Daisy is my favorite for a reason and I strongly remember my Nana always smelling of roses.

However, I grew up in the Florida inland which is mostly red clay dirt/sand and pine trees. The land is tough, the plants are hard, and soft florals that you find in the typical bridal bouquet can rarely be found in abundance and definitely not out in nature with ease. Most have to be grown in greenhouses or nurseries or given lots of love in the garden if they are to survive the Florida heat.

When we first moved to Kokomo Indiana in 2013 in the spring, I thought I had stepped out into a Disney princess movie. Not kidding. Few locals would compare Kokomo Indiana to Disney, but I had no idea that flower petals could be in such abundance that they would literally drift away in the wind! Because I’d never seen it. Flowers like that don’t exist in the heat of the south, it’s something I’d only ever seen in movies.

Funnily enough, those same flower petals are now all over my studio floor as I’m typing this. Just from families simply opening the door for their spring photography studio portraits and the wind carrying them inside from Buckeye Street. Can’t say I’m mad about it.

I met the Todderud Family years ago, back when their sweet boy was tiny and people shy. You’d never guess it now with his big smiles and friendly conversations, he’s really come into his own with the sweetest personality. We also snuck in some muddy play during the session accidentally(see if you can peep the muddy knees towards the end of the blog)

And of course, they added an adorable addition to their family last year! They decided on a Grow With Me Plan for their baby girl which included a family session. We timed it perfectly with the spring flowers in bloom and right between her developmental milestones since we already had a 6 month and 12 month session planned.

And in case you were wondering: babies run the show around here. Baby girl wasn’t feeling up to solo photos and had some stranger anxiety, which is very common in young children. It takes some time to adjust to new environments and even then, sometimes it’s not enough. In this case, mommy & daddy provided some extra fun snuggles which brought out comfort, security, and smiles. So instead of those solo photos, we marked this beautiful milestone of comfort and security.

Seriously though. Can’t get over these flowers. I’ve been in Central Indiana for almost 10 years and I’m not sure that the magic of spring and floating flower petals will ever be lost on me. Enjoy the spring everyone and I’ll chat with you again soon!

Love. Peace. Jesus. And Coffee.


Caitlynn & Cole – An Indianapolis INDUSTRY & Bottleworks Hotel Wedding

You know how you meet someone and when you walk away, you feel like you’ve known that person for forever? That’s exactly what it’s like meeting Caitlynn & Cole.

By chance I met C&C last year and it felt like we were instant friends. The joy that they carry is noticed by everyone they meet(their wall to wall reception crowd at the Industry was a testament to this). I knew from their engagement session that this wedding would be one of the highlights of 2021 and it was no surprise that it’s now up on the blog.

Their Thanksgiving Day weekend wedding(a family wedding tradition) in Indianapolis was absolutely flawlessFrom the details to the vendors to even the glorious weather(which you wouldn’t expect in late November), it all made the day feel exactly as we all had hoped, perfect. But the obvious love that Caitlynn & Cole share, it absolutely stole the show. We walked away feeling like we were just a part of the party. Thank you Caitlynn & Cole for having us play a part in your wedding day!

Venues: INDUSTRY, Bottleworks Hotel, & St John the Evangelist Catholic Church
Photographer: Jessica Newton Photography
Videographer: Emelie Russell (watch C&Cs killer wedding video on her instagram)
Dress Designer: Elysee Bridal
Dress Shop: Nancy’s Bridal Boutique
Tux: Formally Modern Tuxedo Indy
Hair: Christina at Urban Studio
Makeup: Reneu Beauty
Trolley: Indy Trolley
Caterer: City Barbecue
DJ: Track Seven
Photo Booth: Pixter

Baby Katherine ~ Kokomo Indiana Newborn Photographer

Wow you guys what a season! Did Christmas actually even happen?

Typically I try to take some time off at the end of December so that I can focus on the magic of Christmas. Breathe in the magic of the holidays, see the Newfield’s Winter Lights in Indianapolis and of course pay a visit to Dulls Tree Farm out in Thorntown for the cutting of our family Christmas Tree. I typically spend most of my time with the 3 cuties below. For those of you that have followed me for the past 10 years, can you believe that the first newborn I ever photographed is standing in the middle?!

I also use this time to come down from busy season, but busy season was so “busy” this year, I feel like I’m just now coming back up for air. That and also because we bought AND sold a house on the same day in November. 10/10 do not recommend haha but we loved working with Kylie Baker as our realtor over at The Wyman Group.

By the time we moved into our new home, celebrated Christmas, and visited family for the New Year, it was over. I never even got to blog about my favorite Christmas newborn session. So here I am! Better a month late than never.

When mama brought in her sweet baby Katherine, they immediately felt like family and I knew we were going to get along. They drove over from Carmel Indiana and aside from featuring those gorgeous chunky cheeks and jet black hair, her mama selected some of my favorite colors in my newborn photography session preferences quiz to implement into the session. But ultimately said “do whatever you think will look best”. I opted on adding in a little bit of Christmas but also stuck to some of the floral choices that K’s mama had made. Her family decided on The Lovely Collection so we did a mix of portraits with just Baby Katherine solo, photos with big sis, and parent/family portraits.

Also, take a look at big sis holding her! My favorites are below. Thanks for visiting me on Kokomo’s Buckeye Street and for letting me play with Baby K! Looking to book your own newborn session? You can contact me here.

Aubree & Kyle {Kokomo Indiana Engagement Photographer}

Well I knew it was only a matter of time. After two years and countless sessions, I had to have the shutter replaced on my main camera. Why? Because the shutter count (the amount of times I’ve clicked my camera) was around 350,000, the life expectancy of which is technically only supposed to be 150,000 🙈🙈🙈

I’m an over shooter and let’s just say that I have nooooo problem with this. Because it usually results in rather large galleries, including Aubree & Kyle’s, which ended up with a whopping 114 images.

Their session was a dream and I’m not just saying that because of their adorable fur child(though that certainly helps). Aubree & Kyle are just meant to be and it’s obvious to anyone they befriend. With relaxed attitudes and a willingness to try anything, their session wasn’t just beautiful, it was FUN.

A&K are both currently students and Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana and met by chance 7 years ago during 4-H. 7 years! Talk about a love that lives on. This past February, Kyle pulled off quite the engagement story too. He enlisted some of Aubree’s closest friends to orchestrate a photoshoot where Aubree and her friends would model in some photos for a local photographer along the Myers Pedestrian Bridge.

Sneakily he was able to bring along their families, as well as their sweet puppy Minnie, to hide among the crowd goers on the bridge as the photoshoot was taking place. Before long, Aubree recognized a rather familiar furry face in the crowd and Kyle ask her for forever. They’ll be married in July of 2022 at St. Patricks Catholic Church here in Kokomo with a gorgeous barn reception to follow at Kyle’s home. We couldn’t be more excited to watch their journey unfold, congratulations Kyle & Aubree!