2020. A year of thanks.

Not the title you were expecting? Me either.

This year has been hard. My goodness who knew! What a crazy life this is and what a miracle that another year has passed. From the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, to meeting the Tiger King himself, to the murder hornets, to the incident of Twisted Tea, we’ve been through some things this year. But despite all the crazy, all the worry, all the hurt, we’ve watched each other come out fighting.

We could focus on the *truly* crazy from this year and write a book. But I think we’d all rather focus on the little bits of heaven we saw throughout the year because rainbows are so much stronger when it’s raining. So here are some new things we learned and some favorite moments that we celebrated in the great year of 2020, both personally and as a business.

January 2020

We spent the first day of the new year 2020 in a cozy Seiverville TN cabin with our extended family. It was so great in fact that I have only 3 pictures of it and a video of my husband and brother in law ripping their nose hairs out. I literally teared up when we left because it felt so complete. It was a great start to the new year and in hindsight, it helped us get through the harder parts of 2020 since we had just had a long visit with our family members before the pandemic actually hit. (bonus footage of nose hair ripping below)

Still laughing a year later.

February 2020.

We had our first ever wedding at The Kokomo Hobson and it did not disappoint. The Hobson is just down the street from our Downtown Kokomo photography studio and we had just seen Kura & Bo(the magical duo behind the Hobson) for their very own newborn session the month prior. It was good to see them again and even better to celebrate Chelsea & Evan’s wedding(you can see it on the blog here).

March 2020

I learned a new skill. When quarantine started I was in the trenches. My business was gone, a killer virus was on the loose, and none of us knew what to do with our time. The only thing I felt like I could do to “help” was to make masks for our medical community since there was a shortage. I found this lovely vintage camera fabric on Etsy and got to work. They turned out pretty well! I’d never made a pleat before and certainly never made a face mask, it was really cool to learn something new and to help out local hospitals like St. Vincent Kokomo and many home health care nurses.

April 2020

We made lots of memories and messes at home. Peep the dining room table above with the crooked tapper candles, sippy cups, play dough and paint brushes and you’ll see that we *lived* in our home those long weeks of quarantine. It was messy to say the least with the learning curve of e-learning and the strange schedule of “is it nap time or second breakfast time or work time or bed time?”. We got a lot of yard work done and made a ton of crafts.

May 2020

We met our new niece and nephew Bebe & Birch. Their long anticipated arrival was a welcome one after being cooped up during the initial lockdown. Thankfully things were starting to open back up once more so we traveled down to Louisville. I had the honor of not only meeting them for the first time but also taking their newborn photos in the process.

June 2020.

We went camping. With summer fun needed just as much as social distancing, we spent a weekend at Mississinewa Reservoir out in Peru Indiana. We ate more s’mores than I’d like to admit, Oliver learned how to flint start a fire, and we learned to appreciate the comfort of our own beds even more.

July 2020.

The yearly Haynes Apperson Festival may have been cancelled but we still celebrated Independence Day all the same. We’ve never shot off so many fireworks of our own and the boys seemed to enjoy it just as much as the festival. Though we are certainly looking forward to its hopeful return this year because we miss those funnel cakes and cheesy carnival games.

August 2020.

I learned how to make a killer charcuterie board. It was a fun way to change up our dinner routine(the kids LOVED it) but also a great avenue to practice a new design skill indoors. I was able to youtube a few tutorials and most of these ingredients came via grocery delivery. If you want to make your own, I recommend the board we chose to plate this creation which came from Chase Vintage.

September 2020.

Probably the thing I’m most thankful for in 2020. Our boys found a new love for the outdoors eventually spent more time outside than inside. By September they had *almost* learned to ride their bikes/scooters. Benji(who is only 3) was able to balance his bike at the new skatepark in Foster Park.

October 2020.

We got married. Again. Jon and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a vow renewal and it was everything we dreamed it would be. We spent a week together in Tennessee having fun, read some new vows, ate some more food(ahem, charcuterie), and ended our vow renewal at a surprise waterfall. We also got to meet Koltin & Kell who documented our day and took the amazing photo above.

November 2020.

We moved to a new studio space! Probably the most unexpected joy of 2020. We found a more permanent home on Buckeye Street in Downtown Kokomo for our creative space and couldn’t be happier. And not only are we now ADA accessible, we are steps away from many of our small business friends like Fade Salon and Oscars Pizza.

December 2020.

We gave back. We grabbed our ugly Christmas sweaters and hosted our first ever “Deck Their Halls” Charity Event. With a 70s styled edit, we had so much fun goofing around and creating some fun Christmas card images while celebrating a cause. All of the proceeds from these sessions were donated to sponsor a family for Christmas and we were able to raise just over $1250 for the “T” family.

This year despite covid we celebrated our business year ever as a small business with 215 sessions/weddings in total. We could not be more thankful for each and every one of you for supporting our business and family through this year, as well as the City of Kokomo for keeping us on our feet through the pandemic with their ongoing guidance. I’d never in my wildest dreams have wished for covid or a pandemic or the world of hurt that it has caused, but we made the best of it all. Thank you thank you thank you to each of you.

P.S. See you next year and remember that hindsight is now literally 2020 😉