4 Reasons Why You Should Do a Fresh 48 Session ~ Central Indiana Photographer

It’s baby season! We are seeing quite the boom this December with little ones arriving just in time for Christmas. And this last week I visited an itty bitty babe at St. Vincent in Kokomo Indiana for his Fresh 48 photography session.

His sweet mama delivered him early that morning, so by the time I arrived on the scene, he was only 9 hours old. When I reached home afterwards, I remarked to my husband what a huge difference I saw in this baby compared to the newborn that I had just seen the day before in the studio at 7 days of age.

Why do a Fresh 48 session? Because they are totallyyyyy different than a newborn session and contain some pretty big memories. Here are the differences that parents and myself see between a Fresh 48 session and newborn session.

1) Your Environment.

Obviously this is a big one. Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital or at home depending on your delivery location and are meant to preserve those fresh memories of a new baby and the environment surrounding them. Traditional newborn sessions take place at the studio with props and blankets and cute outfits. Fresh 48 sessions are candid portraits meant to make time stand still, so that you can remember your birthing day and it’s environment exactly how it was.

2) Baby’s appearance.

Your little babe will change so much in just one week. Their Fresh 48 session and their newborn session will look *completely* different. At 48 hours old(or less) Baby will be pink, puffy, and dewy. They’ll have wrinkly fingers from being in your womb, “blushy” feet that are still acclimating to the oxygen from their own lungs, and a puffy pink face with a little button nose that has a glow of new life to it. These little details all fade away after about 72 hours.

3) You’re recovering.

Having a baby is no picnic and those first few days are a whirlwind. Recovering from birth while also caring for a newborn puts quite a bit on your plate! And taking enough photos of your little one on your own between their feeding and sleep schedule can be hard, after all you need your rest too. We take this job out of your hands and preserve those early memories for you. So that you can do more snuggling and less camera work.

4) Your memory.

Did I mention that you have a lot on your plate? Because you do! Parenting a newborn is beautifully exhausting and our memories betray us over time unfortunately. Those early baby day memories fade so so fast. From a Fresh 48 session, you can see time stand still. You’ll be able to see the presence of birth in the room, the dreamy airy light that shines on Baby’s bassinet, and even the little hospital gown and hat that Baby only wore once.

This time is so fleeting! And your little one is only this tiny once. Want to book your Fresh 48 session? Or have a question? Send me a message here (or email me directly at jessicabnewton@gmail.com). I typically reply within 24 hours if not sooner.