Adam & Malori ~ Crawfordsville Wedding Photography

Wow. First ever blog post. Is this what that feels like? Hello internet =) It’s nice to see this side of you.

Seeing as this will probably be my new obsession favorite past time, I thought it appropriate to share one of my favorite weddings from this past year. I mean really! This is the greatest thing ever! So why not start off by sharing some great moments from a great wedding.

I first met Malori at Grey House Coffee in Lafayette, Indiana. She, her mother, and I all sat together, two weeks out from the big day discussing last minute details, itineraries, and shot lists. They were extremely organized, which I’m sure played a large part in the success of the event.

Natural lighting was going to be a large part of the wedding festivities, and the whole time my mind is screaming “I’m IN!”. Natural lighting trumps artificial lighting. Fact. That may or may not be my professional opinion(it is), but for many, it’s true. At any rate, they had chosen well!

Not only was the wedding to be surrounded by natural light, but it was being held at a little church in Crawfordsville, Indiana, within walking distance of the General Lew Wallace Museum & Study. And neither disappointed. The peach hues of the church mixed with the garden roses and mint greens of the bridesmaids shoes, plus the GORGEOUS wooden cuff links the groomsmen were wearing…it was the PERFECT garden party wedding. There were games spread out on the lawn, with antique quilts, and old fashioned sodas as guests celebrated while we took our pictures. And the evening was brought in by twinkle lights hung over a little dance floor and chandeliers hanging from the tent and trees.

Thanks for letting me play a part in your wedding day Malori & Adam!