Building Your Wedding Photography Box ~ Kokomo, Lafayette & Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

kokomo wedding photographer

JNP brides! Today’s blog post is all for you.

Your wedding day is coming up fast and things are starting to get a little crazy. With an endless list of to-dos, we thought we would take on some of the work by compiling a list for your to refer back to when building your wedding photography box.

Your wedding photography box contains the fine details that you want us to photograph on your wedding day. We loooooove details here at JNP and one of our favorite things is to make gorgeous flatlays from your wedding invitations and to arrange various items and mementos of significance. We photograph these items as soon as we arrive on the scene. Having your wedding box completed by the morning of your wedding will give us easy access to the variety of items we need to photograph. And as soon as we are done, we will have them returned to you before you start getting ready.

The photos today are featuring some wedding photography details we put together from Skyler and Katie’s wedding at the Kokomo Indiana Legacy Barn.

kokomo wedding photographer

Follow these steps to build your box. You can add items as you go and as things come in the mail. Or you can add things the night before, once you’ve looked everything over to know it’s good to go.

Step 1. Find a box. Any box will do! A lot of our brides like using their wedding shoe box, though you may need something a tad bigger if you have a lot of items to add.

Step 2. Add your stationary. You’ll need one full unused set of your invitations with the envelope and embellishments(including the RSVP card and it’s envelope), your wedding program and reception menu. You can include stamps or wax seals and wax stamp for added fun.

Step 3. Add forget me nots. We encourage brides to add some of their favorite items from their wedding year festivities. Things of significance that you love and want to remember. Beautiful ribbons from your bridal shower decor, an extra special note from your Mom, a creative wedding gift like the scrabble mash up below, etc.

kokomo wedding photographer

Step 4. Add your something borrowed and something blue. Whatever it may be, this is a classic tradition. If you plan on having your borrowed and blue on your wedding day, slip it in the box.

Step 5. Add your jewelry. Earrings, necklace, wristlet, hair broaches, the works. Shiny glittery things are our fav and we want to see your box shine. And don’t forget your rings, all 3 of them.

Step 6. Add your shoes and veil. Self explanatory.

kokomo wedding photographer

Step 7. Add your Groom’s details. Shoes, special socks, cuff links, bow tie, lapel pin, watch, handkerchief, etc.

Step 9. Add fresh florals. Your florist will typically provide a vase of odds and ends from lose pieces of florals that are leftover from building your bouquet, boutineers, and centerpieces.

kokomo wedding photographer

Step 10. (optional)Add your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Include a single gift from each of your sides with it’s original packaging. You can also include the entire set of gifts if you want a lineup.

And there you have it! Your wedding day photography box is complete! Do not feel obligated to follow each step. Just add the basics if you want or get creative and add additional items for more fun. We love details and we love our wedding couples, can’t wait to see what your box looks like!