Chad & Juliana

Apple picking in fall stands to be one of my favorite things since moving to Indiana almost two years ago. In Florida, we certainly never picked apples, much less bundled up with a family quilt in fall. We might have picked a few oranges in our neon flip flops while circling the pool for another dip. But quilts? Sweaters? Nuh uh.

Moving to Indiana brought about a whole new world for family favorites and photography alike.

Meet Chad and Juliana. Who doesn’t just LOVE the name Juliana. These two drove out to my neck of the woods so that we could meet up at a local apple orchard. And it did not disappoint. They snuggled together in celebration of their engagement and enjoyed a taste of an apple the we had purchased from the stand. All the while, Chad’s daughter happily assisted me while taking pictures on her daddy’s iPhone.

Thanks for coming to visit me Chad and Juliana! Congratulations and best wishes during your wedding this month!