First Family Camping Experience

Last month, our little family of four were finally able to go on an adventure together outside of the four walls of our home. We went camping together! Call me crazy for taking an almost 4 year old and 14 month old out into the wilderness. But we camped out at a relatively populated camp grounds with electricity and water available, so it wasn’t that insane. With a car packed to the brim, we headed out for a 24 hour test trip.

There were great friends, good conversation, hot(and cold) coffee, awesome bacon that can only be made over a fire, with cold fingers and toes, and the sun shining on our backs as we trekked through the woods, exploring the trails.

All in all, it was a success. I didn’t snap as many pictures as I wanted to because I was enjoying myself so much. But sometimes I think that’s okay. To live more in the moment, than behind the camera. This was the first trip of many to come. Adventure!