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If you’ve been following me for long, you know that I love births. And not in a “I love thai food” kind of way(although I do LOVE thai food. Tom kah soup anyone?). I love births like I love beach sunsets, like I love the memories of my long childhood walks through my grandmothers hay field, like I love the drawings my children give me.

It’s a life giving love that restores and renews.

Today is Friday Five, a new blog post series I started last week, discussing my top favorite five “something” for that week. And today it’s births! And why I love them as a photographer.

1.) The uniqueness.

Birth’s are unique. There’s nothing like them. Not even Fresh 48 sessions can compare to the raw emotion that is present during a birthing day. Each labor and birth story is so different from the next because each human is special and different than the next.

2.) The smell.

That’s weird. It’s weird right? I have a nose you guys and it can rival a blood hounds. When I was pregnant with my 2nd son, I could laundry dryer vents while driving by their house.

There is a certain smell on the labor and delivery unit and I LOVE it. Everything about it, right down the smell of the hand sanitizer. And there are few things more wonderful smelling than a fresh baby still coated in vernix. It’s absolutely heavenly.

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3. The feelings.

Births are emotionally charged and as a birth photographer, I see people in one of their most life changing and vulnerable states. Most people don’t wear their heart on their sleeve, but laboring parents do.

Everything in the world stops while you are writing your birth story. Everything. Your focus shifts to bringing your little one into your arms or to comforting your spouse as they go through labor.

And when you see that little human’s face for the first time with your own eyes, hearts explode.

4. The memories.

My own birth stories are full of personal nostalgia, both positive and negative. When I walk into a birth space, I feel all of that energy flood back to me(especially at IU Methodist in Indianapolis since that’s where I delivered 2 of my own babies).

Having the opportunity to be present during another woman’s birth reminds me of my own. It reminds me of how lucky I am to be a mother and how lucky I am to watch other parents become parents.

5. The hope.

Hope is defined as a feel of trust. A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

In what feels like a hopeless world sometimes(though I know this to be anything but true), hope becomes tangible on birthing days. Hope is the hand that you hold to support you throughout your labor. Hope is gentle touch that you provide to help balance your laboring partner between contractions. Hope is the new baby human that you hold in your arms after months, sometimes years, of waiting.

Births continue to be my favorite for sooooooo many reasons but these are definitely my current top five.

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