Grow With Me Baby Plans and Why We Love Them ~ Kokomo & Lafayette Baby Photographer

Pregnancy, birth, and that first year of parenthood, it’s a whirlwind of an experience. Several huge life milestones, pushed into a period of time that is a just little under 2 years.

The amount that you change and the amount that your baby changes over that time is incredible! One minute you’re staring down at a beautiful round baby bump, the next you’re holding a squishy newborn, and if you blink, you’ll be holding a toddler.

Grow With Me plans are a visual growth chart and they allow us to preserve you and your babies memories as they change from one milestone to the next. So why do we love them?

1) Babies change. Babies change SO MUCH in their first year. In fact, babies typically double their birth weight by 5 months of age! There is a big difference between a newborn baby and a 6 month old baby in both personality and looks.

2) You change. You’ve become parents! When I look at photos of myself before kids and after kids, the difference is incredible! New Moms and Dads look different. They have a glow and a reassurance that they didn’t have before. Our Family Plan Grow With Me package includes added family sessions to not only document your babies changes, but your changes as well.

3) Exclusive sessions. All of our Grow With Me plans contain exclusive deals and offerings that are not available a la carte at JNP. For instance, our family mini sessions are only offered during select times of year and are not available for regular bookings. So we created a mini session Grow With Me plan, a series of mini sessions covering your little ones first year of life. This option isn’t available through regular bookings.

4) Money savings. Grow with me plans are discounted. Big time. They average $250-$1000 in saving compared to booking sessions separately.

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5) Session success. Over time, your baby will come to recognize us and each session is easier than the next. This is simply due to familiarity. Almost all babies go through a phase of stranger anxiety(usually around 8 months of age) when introduced to new faces. But since they already know us, it’s less likely that they will present with that stranger danger during their session.

Also, we start to know YOU and your family. We know your family dynamics and how you pose together. We know your likes and dislikes and we know how our personalities vibe. Repeat sessions are like a fine wine(or like that homemade chili that is always better 2nd day). It just gets better with time.

If you’d like to book a Grow With Plan or have any questions, chat with us! You can reach our Contact us page here or email us at

Have a good week friends!