High Five Friday ~ My Favorite Five Newborn Photography Vendors

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Happy Fri-yay! Today I’m starting a new series that will be happening every other Friday(or maybe every Friday if I get really excited about something) showcasing my favorite five of “something”.

And today for the first post, it’s newborn photography vendors!

I get asked by my clients all the time “Where on earth do you find all of this cute stuff?”. “Your outfits always fit perfectly, where do you find these sizes?”. “How do you find bowls and baskets and buckets that fit newborns so well?”

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The studio is FILLED with newborn bonnets, headbands, outfits, layers and props. I source 99% of my things from reputable small shop businesses just like mine and they only sell to newborn photographers(they are super high end and really hard to get your hands on). There are probably 30 different vendors represented in my micro studio, but my “go to” gals are today’s top Friday five.

1. Mia Joy Studio.

The owner of Mia Joy is Jocelyn Bijlsma and she’s my number one for good reason. Her outfits. are. incredible. I’ve never seen anything like them. They are so unique in fact, that Jocelyn has often had to defend her brand due to other vendors copying her designs with their own knock off versions. Mia Joy sells both girl, boy, and gender neutral styles for studio portrait sessions for newborns, older babies, and big kids. You’ll find her outfits throughout our studio closet, including this gorgeous bonnet above on Baby Leeland.

2. Luneberry.

What can I say, I’m totally in love. Luneberry sells some of the most luxious props on the market, my favorite of which is their 3500g flokatis. These plush greek wool layers are hand woven and create stunning images for newborns. My favorite things to do with them is to use them for big kids during their newborn portrait session with their new baby brother/sister. Luneberry also has a selection of unique colors that can’t be found anywhere else and that are designed to match up with other photography vendors props.

My all time favorite Luneberry piece is their rainbow flokati. We’ve had our share of rainbow babies come through our Kokomo Indiana photography studio doors and it’s a favorite stunning piece for even more stunning babies.

3. The Indy Cottage.

My gosh, if you want to find all the things(especially if you are a newborn photographer new to the biz) Carly Glass will get you all set up. Carly runs a newborn photography shop from her home in Carmel Indiana which is just a stone throw away from me. She’s a one woman show with a little one of her own(and another on the way!) and she is rocking it. Her online store front The Indy Cottage has everything a newborn photographer needs to get started, with the PERFECT stretch wraps in every color imaginable as well as adorable matching headbands. She also sources dough bowls and fun props which are sized up to fit newborns perfectly and she has the most beautiful hand knit chunky layers. My favorite newborn prop that I bought from Indy Cottage is an antique bowl that I was lucky enough to find during one of her open house events. You can find it in almost every single one of my sessions, including the one above.

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4. Threads and Evergreen.

I’m a bonnet hoarder, it’s true. Whether is a boy or girl newborn that comes through my door, you can usually find that that’s the first thing I run to. Threads and Evergreen has SO many creative bonnets, from full knits to intricate designs. I stalked their page for almost a month, waiting for the above bear bonnet to be released and it sold out in minutes. I was lucky enough to grab one before they were gone and it’s one of my new favorite pieces. They also carry wraps and matching layers that are unique in both color and texture, which is any newborn photographers dream.

5. Thrifting.

Part of the newborn photography craft is finding your own one of a kind items to use during your sessions. I have ALWAYS been a huge thrifter, I’ve found so many gems in the junk and some of those gems make their way into the studio.

I have a handful of small town antique stores that I visit on spirited whims, and they are usually run my little old ladies with shops filled with decor and outfits from the early 20s. The amount of beaded clutches and fur coats I have made myself put back is unreal.

One of my favorite items of all time is an antique pear fruit box that was for picking and loading pears in Placerville, California. I looked up the the company name that was on the box, and sure enough they are still open today! The owner loved the image and thought it was fun that one of their crates ended up here in Indiana.

And there we have it! Those are my Friday Fives for newborn photography props. See you next week for Friday Fives, up next my top five favorite flowers!