How to Prepare for Your Fresh 48 Session ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

kokomo fresh 48 session

There’s nothing like a fresh baby.

Most parents will agree that those newborn-y feature change daily! From birth to even 24 hours old, babies look totally different. That’s one of the reasons I love Fresh 48 photography sessions so much! It brings back all those fuzzy newborn memories from the very beginning and preserves every bit of those fleeting first 2 days.

Fresh 48/Newborn. What’s the difference?

Fresh 48 sessions take place within 48 hours of Baby’s birth. Typically taking place in the environment where birth occurred, whether this is at the hospital, birthing center, or home. We focus on little details, like hospital wristbands, womb wrinkled toes, and curled fingers. These sessions are unposed and we let baby do their thing.

Newborn sessions typically take place when baby is between 4-14 days of age(sometimes later if Baby arrived early) and these are much more “posed”. We cuddle baby up into a variety of outfits and wraps, and style sessions according to Mom/Dad’s coloring preferences. They are completely different. It’s fun to have our Fresh 48 sessions visit us at the Kokomo photography studio 1-2 weeks after their first session, because they change so very much!

So what can you expect for a Fresh 48 session? Is there anything you need to do?

1) Expect the session to be short and sweet. After all, you just had a baby! We want to leave as quickly as we arrived, so that you and baby can continue with your normal routine. Mini Fresh 48 sessions are around 10 minutes in length and Full Fresh 48s are around 30 minutes. We will be in and out before you know it.

2) Feed baby prior to your session. Even if Baby has just eaten, offer them some more. We want to make sure all of Baby’s needs have been met, so that they are happy and relaxed, ready for their big debut.

3) Got an avid nurser? Know that you can ask us to wait. If your little one is still actively eating or feels unsettled when we arrive, we are happy to give Baby more time so that their needs are met first.

4) Pack your favorite muslin wrap in your hospital bag. We looooove Aden + Anais wraps if you are looking for suggestions. Not a fan of muslin? Bring your favorite swaddle that has no velcro straps or ties. We are also happy to use the traditional cloth swaddles provided by hospitals and birthing centers.

5) Does baby need a bath prior to the session? Nope! Not unless you feel the need. Most little ones are rose-y as can be thanks to that amazing vernix and gut flora that accumulated in the womb. I’ve yet to meet a stinky newborn 😉 If you DO feel the need for a bath, don’t forget to pack that baby wash! This is our favorite free and clear plant based baby shampoo.

Got a little one on the way? Let’s have a talk! You can email us anytime at or you can contact us here.