Jaimee & Jenny’s Birth Story ~ Indianapolis Birth Photographer

Birth. Is. Strength.

It takes everything to bring a baby into this world. But I didn’t quite grasp the concept of that until I photographed Jaimee bringing her sweet little Eliza earthside.

I was anticipating meeting Jaimee and Jenny so very very much. They had chosen IU Methodist in Indianapolis as their hospital of choice and that carries a lot of weight for me. My very first water birth was at IU Methodist and I went on to have another when Benji was born in 2017. The halls drip with nostalgia and it was so surreal to be back as a birth photographer in the same halls that my own birth stories took place in.

Jaimee had SUCH a hard labor. The hardest I’ve ever seen. She went through contraction after contraction, becoming more and more exhausted as the day progressed. Her doula Amanda from Indianapolis Doulas was applying almost constant counter pressure, and her wife Jenny was always busying about doing everything she could to try to keep Jaimee’s spirits up.

After several hours of labor, Jaimee started to push. But what we didn’t know is that Jaimee would be pushing for 7.5 hours. SEVEN POINT FIVE HOURS. I’ve never seen anything like it. Typically doctors cap things at 4 hours, but Jaimee wanted to go on. And Eliza’s heart rate stayed perfect the entire time(because she was the most chill baby in the world), so Jaimee pushed and pushed and pushed with everything she had, every 1-2 minutes, for hours. Talk. About. Incredible.

Miss Eliza was born early early that following morning after Jaimee’s 24+ hour labor and she was absolutely perfect. Congratulations Jaimee & Jenny! You guys made the perfect birth team and you have such a beautiful daughter.