Katie & Skyler ~ Legacy Barn Kokomo Indiana Wedding Photography

My goodness what. a. wedding. Maybe I just get super lucky but my Bride and Grooms have been phenominal this year and Katie and Skyler were no exception. 

First off, Skyler is crazy in love with Katie. Secondly, Katie is crazy in love with Skyler. The end? I mean seriously, it’s so true! There really isn’t much to say, I can’t tell you guys how oodles and oodles in love these guys are!

Their first look was sooooo full of emotions, poor Skyler was crying before he even turned around. And Katie’s first look with her Dad was equally as full of emotion. So. Much. Happiness. So many tears were shed this day, tears of joy, by almost everyone. Their families were genuinely OVER-joyed by the occasion.

My favorite memory from their day? I have two. 

First one was when Katie got on the Ural motorcycle and revved the handle on accident. I was standing in front of the Ural when she did and I’m sure guests have never seen me move so fast 😂

Second was a moment during their ceremony. Katie had to touch up her makeup several times during the day, because every time she had a tear run down her cheek, her makeup would go with it. The ceremony was no exception to this, so when she started to cry, it turned into laughter! Skyler and Katie were laughing at her tear stain checks(which were BEAUTIFUL by the way) and almost couldn’t stop. It was a moment of pure joy and I’m so glad I got to witness it.

Congratulations Katie & Skyler! You guys deserve the world and I wish you all the best in this new life together!

All the wonderful vendors involved with Katie & Skyler’s wedding day:

Photography: Jessica Newton Photography

Venue: Legacy Barn in Kokomo Indiana

Wedding Planner: Crista Tharp at Blissfully Simple Events

Caterer/Food Truck: The Local BBQ 

Florist: Oberers Flowers

Baker: Joys Cakery

Dress: Beloved Brides

Tux: Louie’s Tux Shop

Bar: Wildcat Creek

DJ: Extreme Sounds

Videographer: Capture Hour