Kura & Eleanora’s Breastfeeding Story

Breastfeeding is a memory that I’ll just never want to forget.

The challenge. The frustration. The overwhelming need for food. The exhaustion. The weighted feeds. The literal blood sweat and tears. The lactation consultations. The pumping. The weeks of hard work. And the eventual routine(whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding) that became as easy as breathing.

Nursing little ones is something very near and dear to my heart. With three babies of my own and having experienced the *many* struggles of motherhood( breastfeeding being just one of them), I was so excited when Kura contacted me requesting a breastfeeding session!

She wanted to celebrate 6 incredible months of feeding Eleanora and we did just that.

6 months is one of my favorite ages to photograph, they are so curious! Eleanora was definitely hungry but her curiosity won over her hunger many times. She stretched this way and that way to look at the stranger with the camera making all the clicking noises while she was trying to enjoy her dinner.

Happy 6 months Eleanora & Kura!