Mini Maternity Photography Sessions ~ Kokomo, Indiana

As a mom and photographer, it’s often hard to fit myself in to photos. I’m usually the one behind the camera and when I’m not, I’m holding a remote to the camera while it’s on a tripod to snap a few with myself included the family portraits.
Mom’s often don’t take photos of themselves and while expecting my little ones, I found myself in a predicament. I wanted a maternity session to remember this season of life. But I also wanted at newborn session to remember THEIR season of life. So which do I choose? Well. Majority of the time, we choose the newborn session right? We’d rather have professional photos of our kids over ourselves. But what if you could have both?

maternity photographer kokomo indiana

Enter this years, mini maternity photography sessions!

Like I was saying, a lot of moms skip on the maternity session. But I wanted to offer an affordable alternative, so that you can remember that glowing skin and beautiful belly that contains your tiny miracle. A smaller session for a smaller price or a FREE session for booking a regularly priced newborn session.

I say that you can have your cake and eat it too.

If you are interested in either option, or something else, I’d love to speak with you. Contact me here or leave me a message on my Facebook business page.

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Family Photography Session ~ Kokomo, Indiana Highland Park

Chelsea contacted me this winter with an absolutely lovely idea. She and her sisters wanted to gift a family session to their Mom as a special birthday gift. I think this session wins the Best Dressed Award for 2015, with a great mixture of colors, textures, scarves, and boots. With Kokomo’s own red covered bridge, we were able to grab a lot of different looks throughout Highland Park. Thanks for coming out Chelsea and family, and happy birthday Lisa!

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana


family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana


family photography session highland park kokomo indiana


family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana


family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

family photography session highland park kokomo indiana

Emily’s Maternity Photography Session ~ Kokomo, Indiana

So now that I’ve come out and stated that I’m pulling back from wedding photography, I can confess my newest endeavors and latest session obsessions! 😀

Maternity sessions. I love love love maternity sessions. Maybe that’s because I loved being pregnant or maybe it’s because of the natural glow that expectant mama’s are surrounded by. And Emily was no acceptation. We spend some time together in Kokomo, Indiana inside of Wildcat Creek Reservoir Park. Isn’t she gorgeous? Check out a few from her dreamy fall maternity portraits below. Thanks for coming out with me Emily!


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New Year, New Adventures.


Is January 19th too late to be making a New Year’s post? Nah 😉 At least I hope not, because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now! Hopefully it’s not a blogging faux pas…

This year. Was. Incredible.

I can not believe it. It was wonderful. It was crazy. It was absolutely insane at times. And thanks to all of you, this is the most successful year that my little job has ever had, and I am so very very grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you thank you thank you from the very bottom of my heart. What I do would not be possible without YOU, and because of you I am looking towards the future brightly.

2015 brought about many tests, challenges, and changes. Both personally and professionally.

For the 1st year ever, I have been booked almost every single weekend with weddings. I stayed so busy that at one point I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Underneath striving to be a loving and supportive spouse,  underneath attempting to parent two small children, underneath being a stay at home mother, running a photography business was HARD. Is hard.
This past year I vowed to take on every wedding thrown at me. No matter what it was, I was going to take it. In the past if something seemed slightly abrasive to my character or a bit too stretched outside of what I was willing to do, I just said no. But this year, I tried to hone in on my skills and discover what I really wanted out of all of this. I wanted to shoot dozens of weddings, to find exactly what this was all about. Could I do it? Did I want to do it? Is this truly a career that I want to keep and grow in to for the rest of my life? Is it worth sacrificing time with my family? Is it worth giving up weekends with my family, to be with clients who I had grown to know and love? With a career that I had grown to know and love?

I thought about that a lot over the last 12 months. And here’s what I’ve come up with.

Wedding photography is my absolute favorite. By far, it is everything that I know and love and I want to continue doing it. The personal touches, pretty details, sweet words, tear streaked faces, smiling lips, and overflowing joy. The love. Oh the love that is shown on a wedding day. Each wedding brings up a swell of feelings so deep in my heart, I often have brimming tears in my eyes. And I get to be there. I get to witness Love in one of it’s finest hours and I get to be the one to catch it in a bottle. A camera shaped bottle.

However. Wedding photography is not for me. At least, not right now.

Why? Because, motherhood. Yup. I’m a sap. It’s okay, you can say it. Jessica. Is. A. Sap. You guys, I have never seen myself as the teary eyed mom, waving goodbye to her 5 year old on their first day of kindergarten. I’ve had a vision of it. I expected it to show up one day. But I felt like that was way off in the distance and wasn’t something I really needed to consider yet. You know…like the “this donut tastes good right now and if I keep eating donuts I’m going to get fat but hey I’m not fat right now” kinda thing. Well let me tell you, not being at home and spending quality time with my little ones on the weekends was rough this past year. But not being at home on the weekends, while one of those littles ones has been in school all week? While they’ve been away from me all day, under someone else’s care? Sigh. I just can’t do it guys. I want to be home on the weekends and for the weekend to be classified as “the weekend” again. Where we all hang as a fam. Where we make pancakes for breakfast, drink coffee SLOWLY(so looking forward to that one), and watch Saturday morning cartoons together, happy to have nothing to do that day but to share in each other’s company.

So this year, I’m sad to say that I will be taking on only a handful of weddings. I love them. I want to do them ALL THE TIME. But my heart can’t do it anymore. So wedding photography, we need to take a break up. It’s not you, it’s totally me.

Despite this sad bit of new, I WILL be focusing on family, maternity, newborn, and lifestyle sessions in 2016 and I’m very much looking forward to it. There are a lot of big plans still ahead for this little job! If you’d like to see adorable faces behind the making of this big decision, feel free to scroll below 🙂 And if you need to find me, I’ll be snuggled up on the couch with my littles <3

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These are my happily ever afters. Love you all.

<3 Jessica


Paige & Doug ~ The Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge Frankfort Indiana

Wow, what a weekend you guys. This has been the most successful year that I have ever had. After many inquiries, emails, coffee dates, and so SO many loyal clients, I’ve had weddings almost every weekend since the start of April and I’m currently booked through mid November.

Needless to say, that along with two littles ones, has kept me extremely busy this year.

There’s this rule that I set up for myself along time ago, which is, that I don’t shoot more than 1 wedding in a single day. Pretty easy rule to follow right? I often have to turn couples down because…well, I can’t possible be in two places at once. Or dedicate near enough time to do both, much less the energy of shooting one and then bouncing on over to another. But…it happened. I had two inquires for the same day, and both wedding timelines aligned perfectly with one another. They also happened to both be local weddings(which NEVER happens. I’m almost always in Indy for weddings). So I took on the challenge to do both and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made regarding photography. I watched two love stories weave themselves together within the same day, in very different ways, and it was an amazing experience.

A huge part of being a wedding photographer is to make things look perfect.

We pose lovely brides to flatter their body type. We straighten the groomsmen’s crooked boutonnieres for the bazillionth time. We remove odd things from the background that you may not notice. And we wait for that biker to cross the street so that they aren’t behind you in every shot. But sometimes, there are things that just MAKE a picture. Things that, by themselves, you normally wouldn’t consider photogenic, desirable, or lovely. And it is those things that I’m most attracted to at weddings because they are usually the most memorable of all.

Paige and Doug were totally meant to be, and after many tears shed between their family and friends, they tied the knot in a little church just outside of Burlington, Indiana. The church was gorgeous with high natural wood pillared ceilings and it was out in the country surrounded by fields.

It was the kind of church that you would expect to typically see a wedding in.

Afterwards, we left Burlington for Frankfort, Indiana. And we headed on over to a little place called The Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge. Intrigued by the name alone, I was curious to see where we would end up. And unlike the church, the Moose Lodge did not pride itself on being the typical location for a wedding reception.

But as I walked the halls of this fraternal building, with scratched paint, crowded bulletin boards, dusty statues, and taxidermy staring down at me from every wall, it became more and more obvious, that this place was the perfect location for a wedding.

This place had character.

It wasn’t another shiny business ballroom, with chandeliers, gleaming china plates, and cutlery so varnished that you can use it as a mirror.  It was a place with personality. It was unique. Not another venue catering to weddings, but a place where people come to congregate. Where people come to chill, relax, shoot the breeze, and enjoy the company of many a fellow moose(taxidermy included).

I feel so privileged that Paige found me and that I was able to shoot her unique wedding that day after already shooting another. And I am so so so delighted with the pictures of their special day.

Loveliness can be found anywhere, as long as your bring the love along with you.

And that’s exactly where I want to be. Peace out y’all.

<3 Jessica

Pretty pretty packages and more things to come… {Kokomo, Indiana Wedding Photographer}


I am so so so excited to announce some huge changes that are coming to Jessica Newton Photography. You guys. This month, is my four year anniversary as a professional photographer. Four years. Goodness me.

You know, I typically delete photos that I’ve shot after they are safely in the hands of their owners. They stay online in PASS galleries for up to 10 years so I see no need to keep 100+ weddings on my hard drive. But one thing that I absolutely can’t do and probably never will, is delete the 1st wedding that I ever shot.

I occasionally open that little invisible dusty drawer in the back of my hard drive. And I look at those photos and think about how simple things were. I was such a newb! I had no idea what I was getting into, what I was doing, or where I was headed. I answered a Craigslist ad looking for a wedding photographer and that’s how it started. I made so many rookie mistakes, but how thankful I am for that opportunity. That 1st wedding.

Big changes are coming. Changes that are bittersweet and I’m a little bit teary eyed to think of how much this may change this crazy, whimsy, little job that I’ve been grasping to now for four wonderful years. But Jessica Newton Photography has changed. It’s become something calm instead of crazy. Big instead of little. Still whimsy though. Whimsy in a way that makes me smile at the little-big job that gives me so much joy.

With all that being said, here is the 1st of many changes coming during the remainder of 2015.


Omgosh, right? Isn’t is PRETTY? Introducing, your wedding photos 2.0.

I can’t tell you how much I love getting stuff in the mail. Seriously, I LIVE for packages that arrive from sellers on Etsy. They always come in these cute little boxes or bags, with a hand written note or thank you from the shop owner. Perfect. It’s the perfect way to say thank you. In the future, clients choosing select packages, will be mailed a personalized package, hand assembled by me, when their photos are completed. Filled with all kinds of loveliness.

A small gift from me to you, to say that I love brown paper packages too. And to say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of one of the most important days of your life. Thank you for choosing me when you could have chosen someone else. Thank you.







Styles are definitely subject to change over time but I’m happy with this little creation for now. Change number 1 is here. More to come. Happy 4th anniversary y’all. We did it <3


Blaine & Renee ~ Elite Banquet Center Kokomo Indiana Wedding

When I first met Renee, it was a wet icy day. You know the kind. Dreary. Gray. Ice for me to slip on everywhere. The kind of day that you don’t often feel like going out in. But a warm coffee shop for our first meeting sounded lovely, and it totally was y’all. The coffee warmed our fingers as we talked over wedding details. But what warmed the atmosphere the most was Renee’s pure joy and smiling eyes. She gleamed as she talked about her fiancé Blaine and how they first met between mutual church friends. She showed me her gorgeous engagement ring, which he had found in an antique shop, just for her. Lit bits and pieces of a love song that was as obvious in her expressions as it was in the stories that she was telling me.

So wedding day arrives, and it was rainy and gray again. Big surprise right? I think every wedding I’ve blogged about this year mentions the word rain! But once again, the rain and bright sun snuck away behind the clouds as we ventured outside for their “first look” and wedding portraits. And as you guys know, I’m a HUGE fan of cloudy skies. They create some of the best and most beautifully lit photos, hands down.

The ceremony and reception sites at Elite Banquet Center were lined with twinkle lights through out. The tables were scattered with the most adorable antique lanterns, which Renee’ had pulled from her home, as she collects them for decor. And there was a “love is sweet” table set up with jars of honey and flavored honey sticks as favors.

During the ceremony there were many sweet moments. But one of the sweetest was the surprise wedding band that Renee’s parents had snuck into the best mans pocket. Earlier in the day, I was preparing to photograph their rings. And it came up that Renee had decided to forgo a wedding band. I was surprised at this because I’ve never seen anyone do it before, so I just said, okie dokie, and I made my way out of the room with just her engagement ring and Blaine’s band. Her mother quickly excused herself, followed me out, pulled me aside and handed me a little black box. Inside was the most beautiful band, which matched and fit snugly around Renee’s engagement ring. Her mother continued to tell me that Renee didn’t want to spend the extra money on herself, so she had only purchased a band for Blaine. But they wanted their beautiful daughter to have this gift on her wedding day. So they secretly handed it to the best man, and Renee saw this lovely present during the ceremony, as it was slipped onto her finger. So so so emotional. For those that knew the significance of what had taken place, there wasn’t a dry eye among them.

And the day ended with the most unique exit. It was pouring rain, but there was a little awning just outside of Elite that everyone was able to fit underneath. So guests took the fresh rosemary from their place settings, stripped the leaves, and tossed the leaves over Renee & Blaine as they left for their honeymoon. It. Smelled. Heavenly. It was the perfect way to escort them onto their honey moon. All in all it was a wedding that won’t soon be forgotten. I loved working with R & B and their families and it reminded me of why I so love photography. Congrats Blaine & Renee!!!

Jacob & Lauren {Barn Wedding ~ Kokomo, Indiana Wedding Photographer}

This wedding season has been spectacular.

With rain, rain, and more rain, there’s this magic that every photographer hopes for on a rainy wedding day, and It. Keeps. Happening.

Seriously, almost every wedding I’ve shot this season, it has rained or sprinkled! And despite the wishes for clear skies, we are greeting with dreary clouds. The sun may be blocked and there is no blue in sight, but a soft airy light filters down through the clouds, onto the festivities below. Which creates the perfect atmosphere for natural and beautifully lit photographs, which can be taken almost anywhere on the grounds.

We don’t have to seek out shaded areas for portraits, no one has to squint in the bright light, a cool breeze drifts over from the shady atmosphere cooling our cheeks…it’s perfection.

And that’s exactly the atmosphere that Lauren & Jacob shared on their wedding day. The grounds were filled with twinkle lights and locally sourced flowers from L and J’s mother’s gardens. The newly weds shared communion in the intimate Amish horse stable where the ceremony was held, and excitedly celebrated with their guests for the rest of the afternoon. With a little rain for luck and some wind on our necks it was a lovely evening. Congrats Lauren & Jacob!