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If you’ve been following me for long, you know that I love births. And not in a “I love thai food” kind of way(although I do LOVE thai food. Tom kah soup anyone?). I love births like I love beach sunsets, like I love the memories of my long childhood walks through my grandmothers hay field, like I love the drawings my children give me.

It’s a life giving love that restores and renews.

Today is Friday Five, a new blog post series I started last week, discussing my top favorite five “something” for that week. And today it’s births! And why I love them as a photographer.

1.) The uniqueness.

Birth’s are unique. There’s nothing like them. Not even Fresh 48 sessions can compare to the raw emotion that is present during a birthing day. Each labor and birth story is so different from the next because each human is special and different than the next.

2.) The smell.

That’s weird. It’s weird right? I have a nose you guys and it can rival a blood hounds. When I was pregnant with my 2nd son, I could laundry dryer vents while driving by their house.

There is a certain smell on the labor and delivery unit and I LOVE it. Everything about it, right down the smell of the hand sanitizer. And there are few things more wonderful smelling than a fresh baby still coated in vernix. It’s absolutely heavenly.

central indiana birth photographer

3. The feelings.

Births are emotionally charged and as a birth photographer, I see people in one of their most life changing and vulnerable states. Most people don’t wear their heart on their sleeve, but laboring parents do.

Everything in the world stops while you are writing your birth story. Everything. Your focus shifts to bringing your little one into your arms or to comforting your spouse as they go through labor.

And when you see that little human’s face for the first time with your own eyes, hearts explode.

4. The memories.

My own birth stories are full of personal nostalgia, both positive and negative. When I walk into a birth space, I feel all of that energy flood back to me(especially at IU Methodist in Indianapolis since that’s where I delivered 2 of my own babies).

Having the opportunity to be present during another woman’s birth reminds me of my own. It reminds me of how lucky I am to be a mother and how lucky I am to watch other parents become parents.

5. The hope.

Hope is defined as a feel of trust. A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

In what feels like a hopeless world sometimes(though I know this to be anything but true), hope becomes tangible on birthing days. Hope is the hand that you hold to support you throughout your labor. Hope is gentle touch that you provide to help balance your laboring partner between contractions. Hope is the new baby human that you hold in your arms after months, sometimes years, of waiting.

Births continue to be my favorite for sooooooo many reasons but these are definitely my current top five.

Have an idea for our next top five? Send us an email at, we are always looking for ideas.

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High Five Friday ~ My Favorite Five Newborn Photography Vendors

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Happy Fri-yay! Today I’m starting a new series that will be happening every other Friday(or maybe every Friday if I get really excited about something) showcasing my favorite five of “something”.

And today for the first post, it’s newborn photography vendors!

I get asked by my clients all the time “Where on earth do you find all of this cute stuff?”. “Your outfits always fit perfectly, where do you find these sizes?”. “How do you find bowls and baskets and buckets that fit newborns so well?”

lafayette indiana newborn photographer

The studio is FILLED with newborn bonnets, headbands, outfits, layers and props. I source 99% of my things from reputable small shop businesses just like mine and they only sell to newborn photographers(they are super high end and really hard to get your hands on). There are probably 30 different vendors represented in my micro studio, but my “go to” gals are today’s top Friday five.

1. Mia Joy Studio.

The owner of Mia Joy is Jocelyn Bijlsma and she’s my number one for good reason. Her outfits. are. incredible. I’ve never seen anything like them. They are so unique in fact, that Jocelyn has often had to defend her brand due to other vendors copying her designs with their own knock off versions. Mia Joy sells both girl, boy, and gender neutral styles for studio portrait sessions for newborns, older babies, and big kids. You’ll find her outfits throughout our studio closet, including this gorgeous bonnet above on Baby Leeland.

2. Luneberry.

What can I say, I’m totally in love. Luneberry sells some of the most luxious props on the market, my favorite of which is their 3500g flokatis. These plush greek wool layers are hand woven and create stunning images for newborns. My favorite things to do with them is to use them for big kids during their newborn portrait session with their new baby brother/sister. Luneberry also has a selection of unique colors that can’t be found anywhere else and that are designed to match up with other photography vendors props.

My all time favorite Luneberry piece is their rainbow flokati. We’ve had our share of rainbow babies come through our Kokomo Indiana photography studio doors and it’s a favorite stunning piece for even more stunning babies.

3. The Indy Cottage.

My gosh, if you want to find all the things(especially if you are a newborn photographer new to the biz) Carly Glass will get you all set up. Carly runs a newborn photography shop from her home in Carmel Indiana which is just a stone throw away from me. She’s a one woman show with a little one of her own(and another on the way!) and she is rocking it. Her online store front The Indy Cottage has everything a newborn photographer needs to get started, with the PERFECT stretch wraps in every color imaginable as well as adorable matching headbands. She also sources dough bowls and fun props which are sized up to fit newborns perfectly and she has the most beautiful hand knit chunky layers. My favorite newborn prop that I bought from Indy Cottage is an antique bowl that I was lucky enough to find during one of her open house events. You can find it in almost every single one of my sessions, including the one above.

kokomo indiana photographer

4. Threads and Evergreen.

I’m a bonnet hoarder, it’s true. Whether is a boy or girl newborn that comes through my door, you can usually find that that’s the first thing I run to. Threads and Evergreen has SO many creative bonnets, from full knits to intricate designs. I stalked their page for almost a month, waiting for the above bear bonnet to be released and it sold out in minutes. I was lucky enough to grab one before they were gone and it’s one of my new favorite pieces. They also carry wraps and matching layers that are unique in both color and texture, which is any newborn photographers dream.

5. Thrifting.

Part of the newborn photography craft is finding your own one of a kind items to use during your sessions. I have ALWAYS been a huge thrifter, I’ve found so many gems in the junk and some of those gems make their way into the studio.

I have a handful of small town antique stores that I visit on spirited whims, and they are usually run my little old ladies with shops filled with decor and outfits from the early 20s. The amount of beaded clutches and fur coats I have made myself put back is unreal.

One of my favorite items of all time is an antique pear fruit box that was for picking and loading pears in Placerville, California. I looked up the the company name that was on the box, and sure enough they are still open today! The owner loved the image and thought it was fun that one of their crates ended up here in Indiana.

And there we have it! Those are my Friday Fives for newborn photography props. See you next week for Friday Fives, up next my top five favorite flowers!

Baby Silas ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

What. A. Sweetheart. Silas looks *just* like his big brother did as a newborn, only a few short years ago. Silas’ parents were some of my first clients as a newborn photographer in the Kokomo area which made this session that much sweeter.

His mama decided on some spring colors with a mix of greens as well as this ADORABLE hat with his little name embroidered on the top. I loooooved the setup that I did a couple weeks back with some fresh herbs and I knew I wanted to do something similar for Silas’ session. I had just gotten my hands on some succulents and an aloe plant from IKEA, as well as a couple cute faux concrete succulents from the Target dollar section and they worked perfectly. They brought out some beautiful skin tones on him with a fresh springy look.

I can’t choose a favorite from these setups, betweens the greens, the succulents, and the little hat, there was a lot of cuteness going on.

See some of my favorites below! If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session, feel free to contact me here or email me at

Maylee’s 4 Month Milestone Session ~ Kokomo Photographer

Isn’t Maylee just the cutest name? I remember her mama sharing her name with me for the first time and it’s now something that reminds me of a happy smiling face.

Maylee is just full of joy, even at such a young age. Everything is right in the world when she’s around and her eyes just gleam with happiness!

Here are some of my favorites from her studio session in Kokomo Indiana last month.

If you want to book a session of your own, contact me anytime! I’m happy to answer questions and to discuss booking info. Our base studio is located in Kokomo Indiana but we work with clients all over, including Lafayette Indiana, Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, and all the rest of Central Indiana’s residents. Happy spring!

Melo’s Studio Session. Kokomo & Indianapolis Baby Photographer

Last year I got to meet Romelo for the first time. He was an itty bitty thing at just 3 months old and now he’s all grown up. A head full of hair and the most beautiful brown eyes, and the cutest personality on the block.

He is a busy little guy with a plan! We played quite a few rounds of peek a boo behind my giant photography light to catch these smiles. After a while we had to break out the bubbles too of course. It was so good to see him again and his mama too! See some of my favs below <3

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kokomo indiana photographer
lafayette indiana photographer
west lafayette photographer
lafayette indiana photographer
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Building Your Wedding Photography Box ~ Kokomo, Lafayette & Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

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JNP brides! Today’s blog post is all for you.

Your wedding day is coming up fast and things are starting to get a little crazy. With an endless list of to-dos, we thought we would take on some of the work by compiling a list for your to refer back to when building your wedding photography box.

Your wedding photography box contains the fine details that you want us to photograph on your wedding day. We loooooove details here at JNP and one of our favorite things is to make gorgeous flatlays from your wedding invitations and to arrange various items and mementos of significance. We photograph these items as soon as we arrive on the scene. Having your wedding box completed by the morning of your wedding will give us easy access to the variety of items we need to photograph. And as soon as we are done, we will have them returned to you before you start getting ready.

The photos today are featuring some wedding photography details we put together from Skyler and Katie’s wedding at the Kokomo Indiana Legacy Barn.

kokomo wedding photographer

Follow these steps to build your box. You can add items as you go and as things come in the mail. Or you can add things the night before, once you’ve looked everything over to know it’s good to go.

Step 1. Find a box. Any box will do! A lot of our brides like using their wedding shoe box, though you may need something a tad bigger if you have a lot of items to add.

Step 2. Add your stationary. You’ll need one full unused set of your invitations with the envelope and embellishments(including the RSVP card and it’s envelope), your wedding program and reception menu. You can include stamps or wax seals and wax stamp for added fun.

Step 3. Add forget me nots. We encourage brides to add some of their favorite items from their wedding year festivities. Things of significance that you love and want to remember. Beautiful ribbons from your bridal shower decor, an extra special note from your Mom, a creative wedding gift like the scrabble mash up below, etc.

kokomo wedding photographer

Step 4. Add your something borrowed and something blue. Whatever it may be, this is a classic tradition. If you plan on having your borrowed and blue on your wedding day, slip it in the box.

Step 5. Add your jewelry. Earrings, necklace, wristlet, hair broaches, the works. Shiny glittery things are our fav and we want to see your box shine. And don’t forget your rings, all 3 of them.

Step 6. Add your shoes and veil. Self explanatory.

kokomo wedding photographer

Step 7. Add your Groom’s details. Shoes, special socks, cuff links, bow tie, lapel pin, watch, handkerchief, etc.

Step 9. Add fresh florals. Your florist will typically provide a vase of odds and ends from lose pieces of florals that are leftover from building your bouquet, boutineers, and centerpieces.

kokomo wedding photographer

Step 10. (optional)Add your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Include a single gift from each of your sides with it’s original packaging. You can also include the entire set of gifts if you want a lineup.

And there you have it! Your wedding day photography box is complete! Do not feel obligated to follow each step. Just add the basics if you want or get creative and add additional items for more fun. We love details and we love our wedding couples, can’t wait to see what your box looks like!

Baby Kellin ~ Kokomo & Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer

First day of Spring! It’s happened! I didn’t think it was going to but it did! So in celebration, I’m sharing Mister Kellin’s newborn session today <3 Kellin was a newborn model for last months JNP newborn photography workshop and I am sooooo in love with the resulting images.

We used some fresh herbs, creating one of my new favorite setups, with moody light and earthen tones. Afterwards we used some fun eucalyptus florals for a clean look and ended things with a bright blue setup.

Kellin was nooooot happy about this but luckily we were able to convince him to sleep after some more milk and cuddles. He gave us a run for it but eventually we seemed to win him over 😉 Check out my favorites from his session below. Want to book your own newborn session? Contact us at or on the contact us page here.

The Jessica Newton Photography Workshop ~ Behind the Scenes

There was fun to be had this past month! The studio has been kept busy busy busy this winter and I’m sooooo looking forward to doing this again in just a few short days!

In February I opened up the JNP studio here in Kokomo Indiana to other newborn photographers, most of them from Indianapolis. We met for some fun and community time, but most importantly we met over a common goal. To become better newborn photographers.

Newborn photography is HARD. It’s so different from any other kind of photography and requires extensive posing knowledge and safety techniques. We focused on both for this newborn photography workshop, so that participants could leave with the knowledge to comfortably and successfully work with newborns on their own.

And surprise…TWINS! After having several newborn photography models cancel and coming down ill with the flu, we were in a desperate search for a baby to play with. As luck would have it, the Atkins family let us borrow their twin son and daughter duo for the session and they were absolutely perfect.

My newborn workshops are built in mind for a hands on experience, so that photographers leave with both technical knowledge and physical muscle memory from working with real babies. We practiced wrapping techniques, parent posing, bucket/basket posing, as well as bean bag posing. Having twins made things even more versatile and interesting and I’m sooooo grateful to Grace and Nicholas for letting us snuggle their babies. We also had a 3rd newborn model come in for the 2nd half of the workshop, though I’ll be doing a blog post on him later 😉

If you’re interested in attending a JNP workshop, we’d love to hear from you! Our next workshop is on March 30th followed by our last workshop of 2019 on April 27th. Email for class info and pricing. Happy baby snuggling!

2019 Styling Guide. Kokomo & Lafayette Indiana Photographer.

Squeeeeeee SPRING IS HERE!!!! Okay okay it’s not for 2 more days…but it’s hereeeeeeee!!! The flowers are starting to pop up in my yard, the last snow just came through, and the weather this week is in the 50s so I’m calling it.

April & May are coming up fast and with sooooooo many sessions already on the schedule, I thought it might be a good idea to start doing seasonal styling guides! It’s helpful to have a color palette to go off of and I tried to do a mix of what 2019 trends are “in” for the season.

So here we go!

Blush blues and pinks are very in this year as well as jeweled and floral patterns. Wedged heels are making a comeback and suspenders and bowties remain on trend for 2019.

One piece pant suits are absolutely everywhere, ranging from solid colors to bright and bold floral prints. I love the halter style above, it screams spring to me with both it’s color and style.

Minimalist jewelry has remained in the running for this year, with simple geographic shapes staying at the top and natural geodes/unfinished stones also being in. And remember those natural stone round bead bracelets from the 90s that we all used to wear in middle school? They’re back too as a highlighted must have accessory. I just bought this set pictured below from Amazon but you can find them in almost any fashion forward store.

Also hats! Hats seem to be the fastest growing accessory for 2019. I love a good sunhat for spring photography sessions and field hats have won my heart over recently. Buckle is one of my favorite stores(there’s one here in Kokomo Indiana Markland Mall) and has a good selection of hats for both men and women.

Something new…Dalmatian spots! This is a trend that I haven’t made my mind up about and did not include in the styling guide above but I can imagine it would be a fun pattern to throw into any session, especially for seniors.

Also a small tip. Since color and florals are in, if you aren’t a bright color or floral patterned person but want to try something new, I recommend accessorizing. Something as simple as a sunhat with a pop up colored ribbon on it or a bow tie with a floral pattern can make a look come together.

And don’t get too overwhelmed when trying to style your family for an upcoming session. Muted tones are ALWAYS on trend and are a classic look that with last and make your photos remain timeless.

The specific clothing pieces above come from a variety of stores that I’ll tag below, but for the most in style trends I recommend checking out stores like Free People, Urban Outfitters, Buckle, Shein, Banana Republic, Baby Gap, Zara, and H&M. Target is also pretty good at keeping up on trends(their Knox Rose collection is my favorite) and Jax and Lennon Co. is my current fav for littles with their minimalist style and vintage patterns.

I look forward to seeing you all this spring!

**Note to Add. Photographer friends: Want to use this styling guide for your own clients? Yay! Please please please link back to me. It took me a longggggg time to build this guide and to compile this list, I’d appreciate the credit.

Jeweled Floral Top and Tulle Skirt. Wedge Heals. Valentino V Earrings. Floral Dress. Pink Pom Shoes. Jeweled Cross Body Purse. Grey Stripe Romper. Grey Strappy Shoes. White/Grey Stripe Romper. Denim Cuff Shirt. Muted Teal Chino Pants. Grey Loafers. Blue Men’s Shirt. Khaki Dress Pants. Salmon Girls Dress. Braided Sandals. Floral Romper. Sun hat. Gem String Necklace. Blue Boys Shirt. Striped Pants. Boys Loafers. Pink Sash Jump Suit.

Weston’s Cake Smash ~ Kokomo & West Lafayette Photographer

kokomo indiana photographer

One of my favorite things to do is to get creative. I love crafting and making new things, especially making new things from old things. But I especially love bringing ideas that clients have to life for their sessions.

Weston’s mama knew that she wanted a Pilot theme. Weston’s grandparents made a red plane for him before he was born and she wanted to incorporate it into the session somehow.

I was scrolling pinterest recently when I saw a paper plane theme for a photography session and I just knew I had to incorporate it. So I did! And it turned out just like I thought it would. I even created the little paper plan cake toper and it was the perfect accent.

Weston wasn’t sure about the cake at first but eventually the icing won him over 😉 Happy first year Weston!

kokomo indiana photographer
kokomo indiana photographer
west lafayette photographer
west lafayette photographer
west lafayette photographer
lafayette indiana photographer
lafayette indiana photographer