Baby Michael’s Session ~ Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer

Brrrrrrr it’s cold today! Reminds me a lot of Baby Michael and his fam because his newborn photography session took place on the coldest day of the 2018/2019 winter season. With temperature warnings of a -40 degree windchill, we were sooooooo happy that his newborn photography session for that day was an in-home session.

Originally Michael was going to be visiting us here at the Kokomo studio, but after a little trip to the NICU, his mama asked if we could switch things up to do an in-home newborn photography session instead. And of course we said yes! We love in-home newborn sessions and they are sooooo beneficial to our little clients and their parents. Everything is doing right in the comfort of your home with everything you need already at your fingertips.

Thankfully Doris and I were able to still get out despite the frigid temps(I was worried for a bit). So we packed up the JNP traveling photography studio, and headed out to Lafayette Indiana so Michael and his family never had to leave home. His session mostly took place in the family living room with a handful of lifestyle images being done in his nursery and main living room.

His mama had requested a setup with buffalo plaid since Michael’s nursery was decorated in a woodland animal lumberjack theme. Buffalo plaid isn’t something I get to use a lot with newborns and I think it turned out cute! See some of our favorites from his session below.

kokomo indiana newborn photographer
kokomo indiana newborn photographer
kokomo indiana newborn photographer
kokomo indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
Lafayette indiana newborn photographer
kokomo indiana newborn photographer
kokomo indiana newborn photographer

Memories. Recounting my first C-Section Birth as a Photographer.

Being on the other side of birth as a birth professional is an incredible thing. As a mom that has gone through 3 births of my own, it’s quite the experience to go back into the birthing sphere when it’s not your own birth that you are experiencing.

The sounds, the smells, the familiarity, it brings back so much nostalgia. Watching other women meet their babies is an empowering and sacred experience that you won’t ever find me taking for granted.

Today is Margot’s birthday. I met Margot one year ago today(see the full blog post of her birth here) and my life has been changed ever since because Margot was my FIRST csection birth story. I won’t ever be able to forget the babies that I’ve watched come earthside in my career as a birth photographer, but Margot’s birth holds an especially sweet memory in my heart because she was my one of my firsts.

Margot’s mama Bethany is a photographer too and she was looking for a birth photographer to cover her upcoming csection. Of course I volunteered immediately, but I didn’t hold out hope that Bethany would choose me(she had a LOT of options among the list of photographers that had volunteered). But much to my surprise, she asked me to be there!

I met Bethany early early that morning at IU Health North in Carmel Indiana, before the sun was awake. Her and her husband were almost giggling together in their labor suite when I arrived, practically glowing while prepping for their rainbow baby’s arrival. Smiling, laughing, totally at ease and counting down the minutes.

A few moments later, the nurse came in and told us it was time. She helped Bethany with her blue cap and handed me and Dad some caps of our own. Shortly after we walked the halls together towards the operating theater and Dad said his temporary goodbye.

Being just outside the OR in that special waiting room is something. You could cut the air with a knife it was so thick. Bethany’s husband quietly waited, nervous. He was no stranger to csections and this was his 3rd experience, but it didn’t make things any easier. Knowing that your wife is willingly going through major abdominal surgery, for you and your family, for your baby, isn’t something that you take lightly and it showed.

It was completely quiet except for the mumbled chatter of the doctors through the OR door. I remember feeling like I was breathing too loudly, very nervous myself, checking and rechecking my camera and backup camera to make sure all of my settings were right.

Then the OR doors opened and they called us back.

I remember being surprised at how small and bright the operating room was. In my head I always imagined this large dim room with silver equipment and an open table with serious faced doctors confidently huddled over their patient (too many Grey’s anatomy episodes I guess). Instead it was a tiny in comparison and blindingly white, with happy doctors casually moving about and chatting. The room was lined with machines, so many machines, just waiting for action and glass cabinets filled to the brim with medical supplies. Half of it was dedicated just to Bethany and her medical team and the other half was for Margot’s arrival, with her own medical team patiently waiting on the other side with her warmer.

That’s when I got really nervous.

The warmer was so so so far away and was against the back wall. It was in such a position, that once Margot was born, there would be no way for Bethany to see what was going on. And that’s why I was there. Bethany had remarked to me at one point that the other side of the “blue drape” was a mystery to her, because she’s never been on the other side of it.

It was my job to be her eyes that day, so that she could have the memories and moments of Margot coming earthside.

It took a loooooong time for Margot to make her arrival. Most csection procedures take around 5 minutes but Margot’s took closer to 30. Apparently she liked her mama a lot and had shimmied up underneath her ribs, refusing to come out. The doctors eventually got out what I can only describe as medical crowbars, to help push back Bethany’s ribs to gain some more leverage on Margo. I now know that this is a very common instrument to be used but at the time it scared me a bit and Bethany too because she was feeling lots of physical pressure. Not to mention her body knew something was going on too, so she was shaking from adrenaline.

After about half an hour of coercing, Margot was here. Bethany had requested a clear drape so we all got to see her imerge before she was immediately swept off to the opposite side of the room. Margot was born 3 weeks early so immediate skin to skin wasn’t an option.

Margot was a faint dusty blue when she first arrived, perfectly content where she was but now confused and daised by the bright lights(can’t say I blame her). Her Daddy immediately joined her, taking some photos of his own to show Bethany, and proudly looking over his little girl.

My favorite photo of Margot is when they put this big bow hat on her. That was still the most adorable hospital hat I’ve seen to date!

After a while, Margot turned from that dusty blue to a beautiful pink and begrudgingly let us know how she felt about being removed from her mamas warm womb. A few minutes later, there was no more mystery and Bethany and Margot met. Tears flowed from all of us.

Happy Birthday Margot! Watching you come into this world will always be a joy that I want to remember. Thank you Bethany for welcoming me into your birthing space and for letting me be your eyes for those long and precious minutes <3

Elvie’s 3 Month Session ~ Kokomo & Lafayette Baby Photographer

Baby Elvie has graced the blog quite a few times considering that she’s only 3 months(just turned 4 months) old. But can you blame me? She is an absolute doll baby. Those big blue eyes that have stared up at me and my camera since she was just shy of 48 hours old(see her Fresh 48 session here).

She was just as alert for her 3 month milestone session and we got so many shots her her curious wide eyes. Check out some of my favs below <3

kokomo indiana photographer
kokomo indiana photographer
lafayette indiana photographer
lafayette indiana photographer
west lafayette photographer
west lafayette photographer
lafayette indiana photographer

Grow With Me Baby Plans and Why We Love Them ~ Kokomo & Lafayette Baby Photographer

Pregnancy, birth, and that first year of parenthood, it’s a whirlwind of an experience. Several huge life milestones, pushed into a period of time that is a just little under 2 years.

The amount that you change and the amount that your baby changes over that time is incredible! One minute you’re staring down at a beautiful round baby bump, the next you’re holding a squishy newborn, and if you blink, you’ll be holding a toddler.

Grow With Me plans are a visual growth chart and they allow us to preserve you and your babies memories as they change from one milestone to the next. So why do we love them?

1) Babies change. Babies change SO MUCH in their first year. In fact, babies typically double their birth weight by 5 months of age! There is a big difference between a newborn baby and a 6 month old baby in both personality and looks.

2) You change. You’ve become parents! When I look at photos of myself before kids and after kids, the difference is incredible! New Moms and Dads look different. They have a glow and a reassurance that they didn’t have before. Our Family Plan Grow With Me package includes added family sessions to not only document your babies changes, but your changes as well.

3) Exclusive sessions. All of our Grow With Me plans contain exclusive deals and offerings that are not available a la carte at JNP. For instance, our family mini sessions are only offered during select times of year and are not available for regular bookings. So we created a mini session Grow With Me plan, a series of mini sessions covering your little ones first year of life. This option isn’t available through regular bookings.

4) Money savings. Grow with me plans are discounted. Big time. They average $250-$1000 in saving compared to booking sessions separately.

indianapolis newborn photographer

5) Session success. Over time, your baby will come to recognize us and each session is easier than the next. This is simply due to familiarity. Almost all babies go through a phase of stranger anxiety(usually around 8 months of age) when introduced to new faces. But since they already know us, it’s less likely that they will present with that stranger danger during their session.

Also, we start to know YOU and your family. We know your family dynamics and how you pose together. We know your likes and dislikes and we know how our personalities vibe. Repeat sessions are like a fine wine(or like that homemade chili that is always better 2nd day). It just gets better with time.

If you’d like to book a Grow With Plan or have any questions, chat with us! You can reach our Contact us page here or email us at

Have a good week friends!

Emercin’s Birth Story ~ Indianapolis, Lafayette, & Carmel Birth Photographer

st. vincent carmel birth photographer

*A NOTE FROM JESSICA: Sorry guys but this is a long one. I tried to narrow things down with this birth story, but it just didn’t do it justice. So grab a cup of tea and settle in for some beautiful birth photos of Emercin’s first moments earthside.*

Births. Are. My. Passion.

Everything in my being loves it. Waaaaay before I was a birth photographer, when I was expecting our first son, I was obsessed with the subject of pregnancy and birth.

I found it absolutely fascinating! I got my hands on any and all materials that I could find. I think I read my What to Expect When Expecting book at least 3 times through and eventually graduated to materials from authors like our wonderful Ina May Gaskin.

It has been one year since I started taking on birth photography and it has been the most joy filled year of my career as a photographer. There are so many of you already on my birth calendar for 2019 and I can. not. wait. to watch your birth stories come to life!

I met Emercin’s mama (who also happens to be named Jessica) back in this past November to discuss her birth plan. She is from out of Greentown Indiana and I’m based in Kokomo Indiana, so we met up at our local Mo Joe coffee shop to chat.

Jessica had been waiting for Emercin’s arrival for a very long time. He is everything their family was missing. After years of waiting, he was finally coming and they wanted all of those first moments preserved. She had a planned csection date already determined for St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel Indiana. There was a flu restriction, but luckily once she listed me as her second support for the hospital, we were good to go!

Or so we thought…

In the other hospitals that I’ve photographed csections in, there was one rule, and that was to stay at least 12 inches away from anything draped in blue. Which is pretty much everything. You can walk around the OR, you can follow baby to the warmer across the room, you can get a lot of different angles and shots and whatnot, just as long as you don’t touch anything.

But St. Vincent in Carmel has a tad different set of rules.

The day came for Emercin’s arrival and I was crazy excited. As you can see by the ridiculous smily iPhone selfie above. The sky was sprinkling some snow as I grabbed some detail shots outside of the hospital in my parka. Afterwards I met up with Jessica and her husband in their recovery room.

We put on our scrub caps and blue booties to prep for the OR.

I introduced myself to the nurse. Jessica and myself asked her to confirm the anesthesiologists rules for the OR just to make sure we were good to go…which is when they informed us of a change.

St. Vincent Carmel requires that csection supports remain seated the entire duration of the procedure. Meaning that myself and Jessica’s husband, would not be allowed to move from our seats or follow Emercin to the warmer after his birth.

Apparently last year, a Dad got woozy when he stood up to follow baby to the warmer, which caused him to fall and hit his head pretty bad. So the policy is now that everyone stay seated, even seasoned csection birth photographers like myself.

We. Were. So Disappointed.

Disappointed is an understatement actually. This wasn’t what Jessica was informed of throughout her pregnancy and she had asked several times what the policies were because she knew she wanted a birth photographer for this experience. However the nurses, anesthesiologist, and doctor all confirmed that this was indeed the policy.

But Jessica didn’t let this bring her spirits down on such a wonderful day. We all stayed excited and positive and knew that this was just a small hiccup.

I wasn’t *too too* worried. I have long long long arms and I can free hand my camera for some shots if I have to. But I knew that I WAS GOING TO GET THOSE SHOTS for Emercin’s mama. I am not a rule breaker and I fully intended to do as the hospital asked. But I was going to stretch every which way necessary to get those memories(I had a few yoga poses in mind).

So we headed off to the OR and me and Dad watched Jessica walk down the hall. She said her goodbyes and minutes later we joined her.

I was a little nervous, not sure what to expect. I honestly didn’t know if we were going to be allowed to sit next to Jessica, how high up the drape would be, if it would be a blue drape or a clear drape, or if Emercin’s warmer was really far away from where we would be seated, etc. So the moment those OR doors opened for us, I started shooting, because I knew that the moment I was seated, that that seat would be my permanent stake out from that point on.

If you are having a csection but would like to be at a hospital that allows a birth photographer, remember this name.

Dr. Dupler.

30 minutes prior to the surgery, Dr. Dupler found out that Jessica had hired me as her birth photographer. And when he found that out, he knew that I wouldn’t be close enough to Emercin to get the shots that his mama so desperately wanted of him in the warmer or even of his birth. And Dr. Dupler knew that I wouldn’t get the shots that I needed, if I had to sit in a chair across the room from Jessica. So he rearranged the entire operating theater, just moments before Jessica came in, so that she could have her birth story written.

He lowered the drape to just 6 inches off of Jessica’s chest, and sat me right next to her with Dad on the left and with the baby warmer on my right. I was less than 2 feet from Jessica and less than 1 foot from Emercin’s warming tray. The rest of the photos you are about to see, starting below to the end of this blog post, were taken while seated in an operating room chair.

I’ll end today’s blog by saying this. I don’t meet a lot of doctors like Dr. Dupler. But I’m finding more and more doctors like him and I’m proud. Our birth industry still needs a LOT of work. But it starts with doctors like him.

He took the time out of this day to see a wish of a patient. A wish that he didn’t have to fulfill. But he did. Because he cares. He put his neck out that day and went the extra mile for us on Emercin’s birthday and I am so so so grateful for him and his surgical team that day.

Here’s to Baby Emercin, his Mama, his Daddy, his family, and Dr. Dupler.

10 pounds 4 ounces! Mom and Dad had a laugh but didn’t seem surprised. Dad was especially proud as I’m sure you can tell.

Welcome to the world Emercin!

Baby Kayden ~ Kokomo, Fishers, Lafayette & Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I don’t mean to brag but our clients have the cutest squishiest most adorable babies you guys.

I’m serious.

The amount of beautiful babies that have come through our Kokomo Indiana photography studio doors this month is just unreal and we feel so so so honored to have worked with you all!

Kayden was ah-mazing during his newborn session. If I remember correctly, he snoozed through the entire ordeal and we were able to do so many setups with him.

His mama requested neutrals for his session as well as a photo of little guy wearing his Daddy’s dog tags and you guys know how much I love neutrals. They look good and every baby and the tones with their skin is always soft and dreamy. So we did quite a few neutral and muted tones and matched up similar colors with the dog tags.

Here are some of my favorites of little guy and his parents. And if you want to see the most adorable military baby photo ever, scroll to the end.

Glitter Mini Sessions ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

I am sooooooo excited to be doing my first ever glitter mini series! I’ve had this canister of chunky glitter in my studio for forever that has been staring me down for the past year and I knew that that is what I wanted to use them for.

Glitter adds such a cool element to photographs. Creating color and sparkle and easily transforming a photo into something magical.My boys were my test subjects for the series(because we have to try it out ourselves right?!). And it turned out even better than I anticipated. Though I think I’ve vacuumed up glitter out of my studio like…50 times now and I still keep finding it.

There’s a stigma around glitter sessions being just for girls but I think we broke that with this series! Glitter can be just as much fun for boys as it is girls and absolutely everyone is welcome to attend this mini series, adults included.

These minis are only $150 and include the glitter session with an online gallery and a print release. The amount of images varies per session, but if I had a guess, I’d say 20 images would be the average.

There’s still a handful of time slot left for March 15th and 16th. If you are interested in booking, email me at to claim your spot.

Things To Ask When Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer ~ Kokomo Indiana Wedding Photographer

Another week come and gone! I spent most of mine in and out of Indianapolis for wedding consults, one of which is happening right now(currently writing before my bride and groom arrives). I’ve had several meetings with prospective brides(from Indy and Kokomo alike), and as we enjoyed coffee and chatted together over wedding details(my fav!), eventually the same question rolled around with each couple that I spoke to.

Me with my Americano: “Sooooo what can I help you with? Are there any questions that I can answer for you?”

(Bride with her very stuffed wedding planner): “Hmm…Well. I’m not really sure. What questions do you usually get asked?”

What DO clients usually ask me when they are in search of the perfect wedding tog? I get this question all the time, so often so, that I thought it might be beneficial to write up a few of the most popular questions that I have been asked, as well as important questions that I think should be asked. These can help you get to know our wedding team a little bit better and also help answer those pending questions on your wedding day checklist.

Here’s a list of the top things to ask when hiring a wedding photographer(and my answers).

1. How long have you been in business and how many weddings have you shot?

I’ve been a professional photographer for 8 years now. Actually just celebrated my wedding photography anniversary this month in September! I’ve stopped counting, but I’ve shot over 125 weddings as the lead photographer.

2. Do you have a portfolio that I can view of weddings you’ve shot, from the start to the finish?

Yes! You can view a sample of weddings I’ve been a part of here. If you don’t see a wedding style that you’re looking for, feel free to ask for other examples, i.e. Kelly Agricultural Museum Wedding, Ritz Charles Wedding, Bel Air Event Center, Legacy Barn Wedding, etc.

3. Do you have any references?

Yes! I have several. I always ask brides and grooms before I use them as references and I do not give out their number more than a couple times so as not to wear them down with phone calls. If you need references, I’ll be happy to provide them, but I won’t list them here.

4. How involved are you with the flow of our wedding day? Can you provide posing assistance if needed?

Of course. I’m very involved but at the same time I’m not. Prior to your wedding, about 2 weeks out from the big day, I meet up with you to go over your itinerary so that we can build a photography timeline together. This timeline covers everything on your wedding day, from when I’ll be shooting your dress, to getting ready, to family portraits, to detail shots, etc. It helps me know where I need to be when, and when you can expect me to organize certain events. 

During your wedding, I watch and listen A LOT. I understand that traditional shots are often a must and that sometime I may need to remind you that you haven’t taken a certain posed photo on your shot list with Aunt X, Y, and Z. But for the most part, I usually stay in the shadows without drawing attention to myself during key events. I will absolutely assist you in posing when it comes to Bridal Party Portraits and Bride and Groom Portraits when needed. Smiles come out naturally at weddings, and I want your photos to reflect that, so I may stay back for a moment and let you have some fun. You’ll never hear me say the phrase “Now smile and say cheese!” but I’ll definitely step in and give you some guidance if you feel awkward or just don’t know what to do.

5. Do you have a 2nd photographer or an assistant?

Sure do! All of my wedding packages include a 2nd photographer. I will still be the lead photographer at your wedding, but I bring along my 2nd to allow for more creativity and to allow for us to be in two places at once. Occasionally you’ll also see my assistant Doris attending weddings, usually when we are expecting a big crowd or an extended wedding day.

6. What happens if you become ill or have an emergency, and can’t make it to our wedding?

This is the scariest question and it needs to be asked of every wedding photographer. If you ever interview a photographer and they hesitate to answer this question, run. Run far far far away. This has never ever ever happened to me BUT I have a game plan for when it does.

First off, I’d talk to you. I will never send another photographer to your wedding without telling you. I’ll let you know what’s going on and why I can’t be there. Upon speaking with you and getting the okay, I will first see if my 2nd photographer can step up to the plate as the lead. If they can’t, I’ll pull the list of photographers that I network with and I’ll see if any of them are available. If my 2nd can’t make it, you are refunded your retainer and any other monies that you have paid to me up until that point, so that you can forward the money to the photographer of your choice. If possible, I will assist as best I can in obtaining a replacement wedding photographer if none of the photographers that I network with can shoot your wedding day. If an emergency happens, I will do my best to contact as many photographers as I can so that you aren’t left hanging on your wedding day. I have never ever ever EVER missed a wedding(not even on days when I’m ill). But emergencies do happen and that’s why this question is here.

7. Do you have back up equipment in case something breaks or malfunctions on our wedding day? 

Yes yes yes. Things happen! Cameras malfunction, people are bound to bounce into us on the dance floor, and photographers are only human so we may drop a piece of equipment ourselves. Preparation is key. I have a backup camera body, multiple lenses, a million batteries, chargers, and memory cards. I also have a camera body that writes your images to two memory cards. So when I walk away from your wedding, I already have two copies of your images storied in case something happens before I get home. We have all of our bases covered, and we take your wedding seriously.

8. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. I have a $1 million policy, as required by most wedding venues of any vendor stepping foot on the premises. If you need a copy to provide to your wedding venue, I’m happy to send you one.

9. Will we receive the digital files? What exactly is included in a wedding package? How many photos do we get?

You do receive the finished edited digital files in a .JPG format. They are high resolution and can be used to order prints and wall art.

The amount of images varies from wedding to wedding based on the amount of hourly coverage and a lot of factors. But I’d say the average is about 800 images from an 8 hour wedding day. However I do not guarantee a minimum or cap your photo amount at a maximum, there is no limit.

You can view a list of wedding packages that I have available here. I can tell you that each package includes a USB of the high resolution images, a print release, the option to order professional grade prints, and an online gallery. Wedding packages also include a gorgeous keepsake box with 25 mounted prints(think really really really thick card stock). I rotate out my boxes depends on new colors and styles, but 2019/2020 weddings will be receiving a glass artisan welded display box with a crystal rose gold USB. You can also download the high res images straight to your computer from your online gallery. I do offer albums, though most Brides and Grooms see their display box as an updated version of a traditional album. I also believe in the freedom of printing your own images however you like, so for this reason the print release is included as well.

10. Do you edit the photos? Do you offer retouching?

All the photos I provide are edited. I use professional programs(Lightroom & Photoshop) to make them look their best with lighting and color corrections. 100% of the photos are edited this way. I’m not huge on “air-brushing” photos, or doing extensive touchups, and tend to keep things natural.

11. What do we need to do in order to book our date?

In order to book your wedding date, a contract will need to be agreed upon and a non refundable retainer will be due. Everything is done online, it’s super super easy. I’m happy to provide copies of the contract so that you can look everything over. Once a contract is signed, a non-refundable retainer is due and it is 25% of your total. I will not hold dates without both the retainer and contract completed. The contract needs to be signed with the non refundable retainer paid within 24 hours of booking. 

12. What information do you need from me before the wedding day?

After sending in your contract and retainer, anything you’d like to share is helpful. Have a list of your vendors names is super helpful, so I know who everyone is and can get in contact with them as need, especially wedding planners if you have one.

A family shot list is key for a lot of wedding day stress relief and I highly encourage you to build one. Listing out your family members names in groupings and how they are related to you is super helpful. I have an example shot list that can help guide you as well.

Also, start your wedding day photography box. Place inside a set of your wedding day stationary and invitations, any forget me nots from your wedding shower or wedding prep(think pieces of ribbon, letters, buttons, etc.) items that have memorable value to you that you’d like included in your photos. Nearing the big day you can also add your wedding day jewelry, wedding shoes, the grooms bow tie, cuff links, your grandmothers handkerchief, etc. Little things that we can style for you, so that we can add some beautiful images for a seamless story line in your wedding gallery.

And there you have it! The top questions that I get asked during meetings when being interviewed by a Bride and Groom.

Baby Kolden’s Newborn Story – Kokomo Indiana Baby Photographer

What a sweet little fella Kolden is. After an early entry into the world, he was a welcome winter surprise for his family and I was sooooooo excited to see him at the studio! I’ve already talked about his mom and dad on the blog from when we did their maternity session at Dull’s Christmas Tree Farm in Thornton Indiana over December. You can view that session here:

Kristen and Aric are previous wedding clients of JNP, so seeing them again for their maternity and newborn sessions has been extra special.

Kolden was a peach the entire session. Dreamy and sleepy, he happily moved from pose to pose to pose to pose and we got soooooooo many photos of him. Though he did give his Dad a little bit of a side eye when Aric gave his Mama a kiss haha! His Dad even found an adorable knitted pilot outfit and plane lovey on Etsy to bring in so a portion of his session would match up with his nursery theme.

Thank you for letting me hold your sweet miracle K&A! I’m so glad to know you all and watching your family grow has been absolutely wonderful.

Zoey’s Newborn Story ~ Carmel Indiana Newborn Photographer

fishers indiana newborn photographer

Zoey’s session ended up being on a rainy rainy winter day and I was thrilled about it.

Her mama Mandy had requested an in-home studio session with JNP so Doris(my assistant) and myself were headed to Carmel with our traveling studio setup.

Having in-home studio sessions as an option meant that Baby Zoey never had to see a single raindrop. And it also meant that we would get to do some lifestyle photos in their home which brings about so many warm newborn feelings for me. It’s also a huge deal because cold and flu season is upon us, and that’s one less trip out the door that Zoey had to make.

She was a doll her entire session. Her mom requested that we use one of her favorite bows from Zoey’s already growing bow collection and it turned out so cute! See some of our favorites from her session below.

fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer
fishers indiana newborn photographer