Studio Motherhood Minis ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

Alright alright alright. I already told this story the other day on Facebook. But it’s a good story so I’m going to share it on the blog too 😉

What an emotional week it has been.

Want to hear a cool story? 

I was overjoyed last month when we got to reopen the studio after our covid 19 shutdown. We have had 29 sessions in the last 28 days! It has been go go go go ever since & I couldn’t be happier to see you all again.

I sure do miss my kids when I’m working though & this year has been particularly hard because we decided that Benji was our last.

Which means, slowly over the last few weeks, we’ve been de-baby proofing the house. Something I thought I would enjoy, but turns out, it hurts like the dickens. 

We put away the heirloom glass baby bottles, we took down the crib, we sorted the newborn clothes, we got rid of the sippy cups, we went through the tiny hospital mementos, we updated the baby books & now we’ve taken down the baby gates. 

Huge milestones that I’m so happy about but also very bittersweet. I knew Benji was likely our last, so I pushed for all of the pregnancy and newborn goals that I knew I wanted, one of which was to have a successful breastfeeding journey, something that I was unable to do with my older two littles. Benji and I made it to 15 glorious months and it’s still one of my favorite “milestones” that I was able to experience in motherhood.

This week I was prepping the studio for a motherhood mini & as I heard my clients coming up the stairs, I also heard a familiar voice that I couldn’t quite place. 

Chelsy walked in with her kiddos & there was something so familiar about her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I immediately felt a sense of calm but I had no idea why. 

I had to ask her how we knew one another. She looked so familiar but I didn’t recognize her name.

Chelsy was one of my lactation consultants. In the early bleary days of Benji’s life, when we were struggling with those hourly feeds, painful latches, a lip & tongue tie diagnosis, a failure to thrive outcome, I cried & cried & cried in her office, desperate to know why my body couldn’t feed my baby the way I wanted it to. For the third time. I knew Benji was likely our last & I wanted so badly to have a successful breastfeeding journey with him.

With Chelsy’s support, we got there. I was able to nurse Benji for those 15 months because of her. After 5 weeks of sitting in her office, countless weighted feeds & questions, after 5 weeks of support, she got us there. 

It was such a joy filled session. Not only to watch Chelsy interact with her own little ones, but to be in the presence of a Mom that I owed so much too. To see her again, in the midst of putting away “baby hood” for our family and being reminded of those blissful nursing days that I’ve come to remember and love.

Chelsy, was such a joy to see you again and to preserve your memories of motherhood. Thank you for helping me preserve mine 🖤