The Kiblers ~ Kokomo Indiana Maternity Photographer

There is such tranquility the last few weeks prior to a new baby’s arrival. Don’t get me wrong, it’s full of busy days preparing, sleepless nights as pregnancy become more physically demanding, and sometimes complete mental overload. But there is a “peace” of sorts.

A peace, a calm, a fullness in your heart as you wait for your miracle to arrive.

We’ve known the Kiblers for a few years now and to say I’m excited for them is an understatement. I was *so* thrilled when Theresa contacted me asking for a maternity session, and their day didn’t disappoint.

We spent most of our time together in a Kokomo Indiana park, a small portion in a nearby field(because Indiana), and finished things up at Scoops Ice cream. They are due almost any day now and I can’t wait to meet Baby Kibler! Congratulations you guys and I’ll see you again soon <3