Tips for Photographing Your Newborn ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

A virus(he who shall not be named!) is taking over. It’s caused uncertainty for parents everywhere but we want to alleviate just a tiny bit of that uncertainty. We want to help.

Right now hospitals are closing it’s doors to visitors, including photographers, which may mean that your scheduled Fresh 48 session with us has been cancelled. But that doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from the hospital without memories of your baby.

Here are some tips from us on how to photograph your newborn baby at the hospital if your photographer can not attend your birth/fresh 48 session.

1). Prepare your camera.

Whether it’s an iphone or DSLR, make sure that your lens is clean. A dirty lens will create hazy images. We want crisp clean images, so be sure to wipe down your camera lens or your phone lens so that it is free of oils and smudges. A warm damp cloth works well.

2). Time your session.

The best time of day to photograph your baby is going to be in the daytime. If the sky is overcast, you can photograph your baby almost any time while the sun is out. If the sky is clear and sunny, it’s best to wait until the sun is highest in the sky and not shining directly into your window with sun beams.

Be sure to raise any blinds on the window and turn off all lights in the room, so that the only light coming in is from the window. It will be dark, don’t worry, window light is sufficient.

3). Prepare your baby.

Feed your baby prior to the session. This way Baby will have a full tummy and they’ll be more likely to stay calm while you are taking photos. And if not, no worries! If you start taking photos of your baby and they cry, comfort them and/or offer some more food until they are happy or asleep.

4). Dressing baby.

Take photos of baby swaddled and photos of baby unswaddled.

We recommend using the plain white hospital issued newborn outfits. These are nostalgic and represent your time with baby in the hospital.

When swaddling, keep in mind that nurses are the *best* swaddlers. If you need help, they are happy to assist. For photos the swaddle should be nice and snug around baby, and not around their face so that you can see their sweet little cheeks and chin. We also recommend utilizing the hospital issued blanket as a swaddle or any Aiden + Anais muslin swaddle.

5). Placing baby.

Clean up any loose clothing items, gifts, belongings, etc. away from the window so they will not be in the photographs. Wheel the bassinet as close to the window as you can and lock the wheels.

There are multiple ways that you can position baby but for the most beautiful shadows I recommend having the back of Baby’s head facing the window, so that the light falls down and across their face. You can also lay the bassinet flat against the window lengthwise for a lovely silhouette shot.

6). Focus.

Between each photo, check your focus. It’d be awful to take all these beautiful photos but for them to be fuzzy. Focus on Baby’s eyes whenever taking photos of their face.

7). Details.

Don’t forget them. Details mean so so so very much years later. Get as close to those little eyelashes as you can. Take photos of their ears, their wrinkly hands, their sweet little cow like, and their blushy toes. Added details of the bassinet name card, your room number, and your birthing suite hallways are also great details to have as remember your time at the hospital.

I hope this is helpful! Just remember to add your camera to your hospital to go bag, get lots of rest before photographing your baby, and have fun. Stay safe and healthy, we will see you all very soon!