Blaine & Renee ~ Elite Banquet Center Kokomo Indiana Wedding

When I first met Renee, it was a wet icy day. You know the kind. Dreary. Gray. Ice for me to slip on everywhere. The kind of day that you don’t often feel like going out in. But a warm coffee shop for our first meeting sounded lovely, and it totally was y’all. The coffee warmed our fingers as we talked over wedding details. But what warmed the atmosphere the most was Renee’s pure joy and smiling eyes. She gleamed as she talked about her fianc√© Blaine and how they first met between mutual church friends. She showed me her gorgeous engagement ring, which he had found in an antique shop, just for her. Lit bits and pieces of a love song that was as obvious in her expressions as it was in the stories that she was telling me.

So wedding day arrives, and it was rainy and gray again. Big surprise right? I think every wedding I’ve blogged about this year mentions the word rain! But once again, the rain and bright sun snuck away behind the clouds as we ventured outside for their “first look” and wedding portraits. And as you guys know, I’m a HUGE fan of cloudy skies. They create some of the best and most beautifully lit photos, hands down.

The ceremony and reception sites at Elite Banquet Center were lined with twinkle lights through out. The tables were scattered with the most adorable antique lanterns, which Renee’ had pulled from her home, as she collects them for decor. And there was a “love is sweet” table set up with jars of honey and flavored honey sticks as favors.

During the ceremony there were many sweet moments. But one of the sweetest was the surprise wedding band that Renee’s parents had snuck into the best mans pocket. Earlier in the day, I was preparing to photograph their rings. And it came up that Renee had decided to forgo a wedding band. I was surprised at this because I’ve never seen anyone do it before, so I just said, okie dokie, and I made my way out of the room with just her engagement ring and Blaine’s band. Her mother quickly excused herself, followed me out, pulled me aside and handed me a little black box. Inside was the most beautiful band, which matched and fit snugly around Renee’s engagement ring. Her mother continued to tell me that Renee didn’t want to spend the extra money on herself, so she had only purchased a band for Blaine. But they wanted their beautiful daughter to have this gift on her wedding day. So they secretly handed it to the best man, and Renee saw this lovely present during the ceremony, as it was slipped onto her finger. So so so emotional. For those that knew the significance of what had taken place, there wasn’t a dry eye among them.

And the day ended with the most unique exit. It was pouring rain, but there was a little awning just outside of Elite that everyone was able to fit underneath. So guests took the fresh rosemary from their place settings, stripped the leaves, and tossed the leaves over Renee & Blaine as they left for their honeymoon. It. Smelled. Heavenly. It was the perfect way to escort them onto their honey moon. All in all it was a wedding that won’t soon be forgotten. I loved working with R & B and their families and it reminded me of why I so love photography. Congrats Blaine & Renee!!!