Paige & Doug ~ The Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge Frankfort Indiana

Wow, what a weekend you guys. This has been the most successful year that I have ever had. After many inquiries, emails, coffee dates, and so SO many loyal clients, I’ve had weddings almost every weekend since the start of April and I’m currently booked through mid November.

Needless to say, that along with two littles ones, has kept me extremely busy this year.

There’s this rule that I set up for myself along time ago, which is, that I don’t shoot more than 1 wedding in a single day. Pretty easy rule to follow right? I often have to turn couples down because…well, I can’t possible be in two places at once. Or dedicate near enough time to do both, much less the energy of shooting one and then bouncing on over to another. But…it happened. I had two inquires for the same day, and both wedding timelines aligned perfectly with one another. They also happened to both be local weddings(which NEVER happens. I’m almost always in Indy for weddings). So I took on the challenge to do both and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made regarding photography. I watched two love stories weave themselves together within the same day, in very different ways, and it was an amazing experience.

A huge part of being a wedding photographer is to make things look perfect.

We pose lovely brides to flatter their body type. We straighten the groomsmen’s crooked boutonnieres for the bazillionth time. We remove odd things from the background that you may not notice. And we wait for that biker to cross the street so that they aren’t behind you in every shot. But sometimes, there are things that just MAKE a picture. Things that, by themselves, you normally wouldn’t consider photogenic, desirable, or lovely. And it is those things that I’m most attracted to at weddings because they are usually the most memorable of all.

Paige and Doug were totally meant to be, and after many tears shed between their family and friends, they tied the knot in a little church just outside of Burlington, Indiana. The church was gorgeous with high natural wood pillared ceilings and it was out in the country surrounded by fields.

It was the kind of church that you would expect to typically see a wedding in.

Afterwards, we left Burlington for Frankfort, Indiana. And we headed on over to a little place called The Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge. Intrigued by the name alone, I was curious to see where we would end up. And unlike the church, the Moose Lodge did not pride itself on being the typical location for a wedding reception.

But as I walked the halls of this fraternal building, with scratched paint, crowded bulletin boards, dusty statues, and taxidermy staring down at me from every wall, it became more and more obvious, that this place was the perfect location for a wedding.

This place had character.

It wasn’t another shiny business ballroom, with chandeliers, gleaming china plates, and cutlery so varnished that you can use it as a mirror.  It was a place with personality. It was unique. Not another venue catering to weddings, but a place where people come to congregate. Where people come to chill, relax, shoot the breeze, and enjoy the company of many a fellow moose(taxidermy included).

I feel so privileged that Paige found me and that I was able to shoot her unique wedding that day after already shooting another. And I am so so so delighted with the pictures of their special day.

Loveliness can be found anywhere, as long as your bring the love along with you.

And that’s exactly where I want to be. Peace out y’all.

<3 Jessica