Emercin’s Birth Story ~ Indianapolis, Lafayette, & Carmel Birth Photographer

st. vincent carmel birth photographer

*A NOTE FROM JESSICA: Sorry guys but this is a long one. I tried to narrow things down with this birth story, but it just didn’t do it justice. So grab a cup of tea and settle in for some beautiful birth photos of Emercin’s first moments earthside.*

Births. Are. My. Passion.

Everything in my being loves it. Waaaaay before I was a birth photographer, when I was expecting our first son, I was obsessed with the subject of pregnancy and birth.

I found it absolutely fascinating! I got my hands on any and all materials that I could find. I think I read my What to Expect When Expecting book at least 3 times through and eventually graduated to materials from authors like our wonderful Ina May Gaskin.

It has been one year since I started taking on birth photography and it has been the most joy filled year of my career as a photographer. There are so many of you already on my birth calendar for 2019 and I can. not. wait. to watch your birth stories come to life!

I met Emercin’s mama (who also happens to be named Jessica) back in this past November to discuss her birth plan. She is from out of Greentown Indiana and I’m based in Kokomo Indiana, so we met up at our local Mo Joe coffee shop to chat.

Jessica had been waiting for Emercin’s arrival for a very long time. He is everything their family was missing. After years of waiting, he was finally coming and they wanted all of those first moments preserved. She had a planned csection date already determined for St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel Indiana. There was a flu restriction, but luckily once she listed me as her second support for the hospital, we were good to go!

Or so we thought…

In the other hospitals that I’ve photographed csections in, there was one rule, and that was to stay at least 12 inches away from anything draped in blue. Which is pretty much everything. You can walk around the OR, you can follow baby to the warmer across the room, you can get a lot of different angles and shots and whatnot, just as long as you don’t touch anything.

But St. Vincent in Carmel has a tad different set of rules.

The day came for Emercin’s arrival and I was crazy excited. As you can see by the ridiculous smily iPhone selfie above. The sky was sprinkling some snow as I grabbed some detail shots outside of the hospital in my parka. Afterwards I met up with Jessica and her husband in their recovery room.

We put on our scrub caps and blue booties to prep for the OR.

I introduced myself to the nurse. Jessica and myself asked her to confirm the anesthesiologists rules for the OR just to make sure we were good to go…which is when they informed us of a change.

St. Vincent Carmel requires that csection supports remain seated the entire duration of the procedure. Meaning that myself and Jessica’s husband, would not be allowed to move from our seats or follow Emercin to the warmer after his birth.

Apparently last year, a Dad got woozy when he stood up to follow baby to the warmer, which caused him to fall and hit his head pretty bad. So the policy is now that everyone stay seated, even seasoned csection birth photographers like myself.

We. Were. So Disappointed.

Disappointed is an understatement actually. This wasn’t what Jessica was informed of throughout her pregnancy and she had asked several times what the policies were because she knew she wanted a birth photographer for this experience. However the nurses, anesthesiologist, and doctor all confirmed that this was indeed the policy.

But Jessica didn’t let this bring her spirits down on such a wonderful day. We all stayed excited and positive and knew that this was just a small hiccup.

I wasn’t *too too* worried. I have long long long arms and I can free hand my camera for some shots if I have to. But I knew that I WAS GOING TO GET THOSE SHOTS for Emercin’s mama. I am not a rule breaker and I fully intended to do as the hospital asked. But I was going to stretch every which way necessary to get those memories(I had a few yoga poses in mind).

So we headed off to the OR and me and Dad watched Jessica walk down the hall. She said her goodbyes and minutes later we joined her.

I was a little nervous, not sure what to expect. I honestly didn’t know if we were going to be allowed to sit next to Jessica, how high up the drape would be, if it would be a blue drape or a clear drape, or if Emercin’s warmer was really far away from where we would be seated, etc. So the moment those OR doors opened for us, I started shooting, because I knew that the moment I was seated, that that seat would be my permanent stake out from that point on.

If you are having a csection but would like to be at a hospital that allows a birth photographer, remember this name.

Dr. Dupler.

30 minutes prior to the surgery, Dr. Dupler found out that Jessica had hired me as her birth photographer. And when he found that out, he knew that I wouldn’t be close enough to Emercin to get the shots that his mama so desperately wanted of him in the warmer or even of his birth. And Dr. Dupler knew that I wouldn’t get the shots that I needed, if I had to sit in a chair across the room from Jessica. So he rearranged the entire operating theater, just moments before Jessica came in, so that she could have her birth story written.

He lowered the drape to just 6 inches off of Jessica’s chest, and sat me right next to her with Dad on the left and with the baby warmer on my right. I was less than 2 feet from Jessica and less than 1 foot from Emercin’s warming tray. The rest of the photos you are about to see, starting below to the end of this blog post, were taken while seated in an operating room chair.

I’ll end today’s blog by saying this. I don’t meet a lot of doctors like Dr. Dupler. But I’m finding more and more doctors like him and I’m proud. Our birth industry still needs a LOT of work. But it starts with doctors like him.

He took the time out of this day to see a wish of a patient. A wish that he didn’t have to fulfill. But he did. Because he cares. He put his neck out that day and went the extra mile for us on Emercin’s birthday and I am so so so grateful for him and his surgical team that day.

Here’s to Baby Emercin, his Mama, his Daddy, his family, and Dr. Dupler.

10 pounds 4 ounces! Mom and Dad had a laugh but didn’t seem surprised. Dad was especially proud as I’m sure you can tell.

Welcome to the world Emercin!

Baby Kayden ~ Kokomo, Fishers, Lafayette & Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I don’t mean to brag but our clients have the cutest squishiest most adorable babies you guys.

I’m serious.

The amount of beautiful babies that have come through our Kokomo Indiana photography studio doors this month is just unreal and we feel so so so honored to have worked with you all!

Kayden was ah-mazing during his newborn session. If I remember correctly, he snoozed through the entire ordeal and we were able to do so many setups with him.

His mama requested neutrals for his session as well as a photo of little guy wearing his Daddy’s dog tags and you guys know how much I love neutrals. They look good and every baby and the tones with their skin is always soft and dreamy. So we did quite a few neutral and muted tones and matched up similar colors with the dog tags.

Here are some of my favorites of little guy and his parents. And if you want to see the most adorable military baby photo ever, scroll to the end.

Baby Elvie’s Newborn Story ~ Kokomo & Indianapolis Newborn Baby Photographer

I know I know I’m over sharing. I’ve already talked about Miss Elvie once with her Fresh 48 session. But I just can’t help it! I mean just LOOK at her. Elvie is so stinking cute you guys. She had a lot of eye contact in her family portraits(which is rare for a sleepy newborn) and she has 4 older siblings that we were able to include in some portraits with her too(guess what. they are just as cute!). And her mama was totally up for doing some Christmas themed newborn setups, I truly couldn’t love her session any more. See miss Elvie below <3 

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Aric & Kristin’s Maternity Story ~ Kokomo & Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmassssssss. There is nothing in the world like getting an email from a previous bride and groom, informing me that they are expecting their first little one. I met Kristin and Aric waaaaay back(in 2015 right guys?) when they were a part of Cassie & Scott’s wedding party. The following year, I photographed K&A’s wedding, so you can believe my excitement when they informed me earlier this year that they were due in February of 2019! 

They knew that they wanted to use a local Christmas tree farm, since Kristin’s maternity session would be done just prior to Christmas. Dull’s Tree Farm in Thornton Indiana is my all time favorite tree farm, and I actually had my own family photos done there a couple years back. Even though we live in Kokomo Indiana we make the drive every year because it truly is the best Christmas Tree Farm in the area. It turned out to be the perfect location and the weather was that wintery overcast kind of day, reflecting that true look of Christmas with some hot chocolate and snuggles to add to it. 

Kristin and Aric ended their session with some fun wreaths that they had purchased from Dull’s while they were there(she placed it over her belly at the end of our session, it was so cute!). And much to my surprise, they had also ordered some table centerpieces, one of which they gifted to me! Gift giving this time of year makes the season so sweet and I love buying that “perfect” gift for others. It’s always a surprise and incredibly sweet to receive a “perfect” gift from Clients. Thanks for helping decorate my dining room table for Christmas K&A! And thanks for trekking out to Dull’s Tree Farm with me, I love how your photography session turned out <3 

Maylee’s Newborn Story ~ Kokomo & Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

kokomo newborn photographerMiss Maylee is no stranger to the JNP blog. We shared her Fresh 48 photography session last month, showcasing all of those early newborn memories. Now she’s back because I couldn’t help but share her sweet face again. Her cute little stork bite and her mamas color choices from the JNP Kokomo photography studio made her session a favorite. Also she TOTALLY gave me the stink eye during one of her poses and I giggle every time I see it(I posted it below). And her adorable big sister, could she be any cuter?!

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Myah Turns ONE! ~ Kokomo Cake Smash Photographer

Cake smashes are just a blast. The themed setups and outfits are always adorable, but watching that first bite of cake and those huge sugary grins is the highlight. This was my first cake smash and 12 month portrait session in the new Jessica Newton Photography studio in Kokomo Indiana and it didn’t disappoint. Myah’s mama loved the idea of a “First Floral” with a themed setup of colorful flowers and golden accents. See my favorites from Myah’s  session below!

Cake by Sheri’s Edible Art

Photography by Jessica Newton Photography

Custom floral backdrop by Photo Mommy

Cake topper by Tender Love Cardstock 

Greenhouse Engagement – Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

I must be behind on the times, but did you guys know that the IMA(Indianapolis Museum of Art) is now knows as Newfields? I had no idea! At least I didn’t until Chrissie & Nathan expressed their interest in having their engagement session there. I had to google it before I realized it was the same location, since I had never heard of Newfields before. But I have DEFINITELY heard of the IMA and I’ve had quite a few sessions(and even a wedding!) there. I was delighted to know that they were the one and only Newfields now and looked forward to their session with lots of excitement. I’ve you’ve never been to their gardens, they are absolutely stunning, especially this time of year with peak blooming season. We were able to schedule their session during the peak bloom season and it. was. incredible. However, we stumbled upon their tiny greenhouse and that’s what I’m sharing with you guys today. It made for such and interesting location, something unique and full of textures and colors. Thanks for letting my creative side show Chrissie & Nathan! I loved roaming the gardens with you guys.

And obviously I have to show you guys the rest of their session 😉 So here’s some from the Newfields garden, not just their greenhouse.

Baby Myah ~ Kokomo Indiana Newborn Photographer

Sweet Myah’s mama chose some of my favorite colors for her session and I just have to share them. I love how bright and fun they are, combined with her gray nursery with the pops of color. See my favorites below!


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4am Musings by a Photographer – A Personal Blog Post

kokomo indiana photographer

35 weeks as of yesterday. Shwoo this pregnancy has gone by fast. 

It’s early early early(way earlier than I would like) because pregnancy insomnia is a thing apparently. This isn’t anything new, so once again I accepted that I wasn’t going back to sleep at 3:30am this morning and decide to start today. We have a busy day ahead, with family in from out of town, and my son’s 6th birthday party tomorrow. Lots of party planning, cooking, and cleaning all lay ahead for the weekend. My mind couldn’t shut off, checking each little thing on my to-do list over and over again. So I resigned myself to the fact that I might as well get used to it(because life with a newborn won’t be any different). 

At first I thought I’d go to the grocery store, because there won’t be any crowds this early. I can get in and out in a matter of minutes, have breakfast cooked for our guests, and get a huge leap on the day. But then I decided to muse over my coffee by taking a peek at a recent session before heading out.

I open up my editing program(Lightroom for you photographers out there), and I came across the above photo. It’s not my usual style, but something about it stopped me. The memory attached to this photo left me smiling, then giggling, as I recalled what the memory was from. Maybe I’m just giggling because of sleep deprivation, but the hilarity in what I realized at the moment truly had me stuck. 

Simply put, this darling little girl wanted to pick some flowers for her portraits that day. She found this little bundle of white dainty lovelies, and slowly, delicately started to pick off each and every one, and admiring it. And in my minds eye, I remember thinking about how long it was taking her to pick the flowers. I remember thinking that we needed to move on to a new location, the sun was getting higher and brighter, and we had things to do! Didn’t she know that we had things to do? So many things to do. So many places to go. All the things. All the places. All the photos.

If this little girl were me, right now, I would have snapped off that entire strand of flowers at the base. 

I laughed because you see…lately, things have been all kinds of crazy around here. Jonathan(my husband) just started his new position as the head pastor for First Friends Meeting here in Kokomo. I’m in the throws of editing several weddings and sessions simultaneously that I’ve had this month, with still several more on the schedule for July. I’m officially a work from home, stay at home mom, since Jon now works from an office. And I’m SUPER pregnant, with an endless list of nesting to-dos on my plate before Baby arrives. 

And so I couldn’t help but laugh at this picture, and the memory that goes with it, because of how absurd and ridiculous it made me feel.

What am I doing? I have absolutely NOT been delicately picking my flowers. This season has been hectic, crazy, and absolutely overwhelming. And right now, all of the flowers that I’ve been picking have been labeled as tasks, and buddy, I’m snapping the whole twig. Heck I might even pull it up by it’s roots like any two year old would. Because I’ve been in the mind set that I don’t have time for this. In my haste of preparing for a Baby, and guests, and work, and family, and chores, and the creative mundane that is life, I’ve completely lost the joy in all the details.

And the details are my favorite. 

Details that I need to promise myself that I’ll remember. I promise to take a breath and smile at the mountain of dirty dishes on my counter, because it means there are hungry little people in our home. I promise to rest and be present in conversation with my family, instead of running through my mental check list. I promise to give in to my children as they beg me to play, instead of hurriedly pleasing them so I can move on to my next household chore. I promise to be intentional with my work, because I’m fortunate that I have work to do. And I promise to notice the little kicks and nudges present from the tiny human in my ribs, because I’m going to want to remember this. 

So forgive me for my haste friends. Every day is a gift, and it’s a gift that we are only given once. Pick flowers intentionally, and enjoy all the colors and floral goodness that come with them.

Now please excuse me, because I’m headed to the grocery store 😉