Rachel & Daniel {Highland Park Kokomo, IN Enagement Session}

A couple weeks back, me, my husband, and our two littles ventured out of our comfort zone, and we went camping together for the first time as a family. France Park is about 30 minutes from Kokomo and it is one of the many hidden gems of Indiana.

If you’d like to come along for the trip, you can view one of my more personal blog post about it here.

So anyway, we wanted to go camping with some friends as well as our children and it turned out that the only time we could go camping was on the weekend when I was planning to shoot Rachel and Daniel’s engagement session in Kokomo. I figured that the park was only 30 minutes away so it wouldn’t be a big deal to go camping and to make the trip back for their session at Highland Park.

So Rachel and Daniel took a springy evening drive out to Kokomo and met up with me in Highland Park for their session.

In preparation for their wedding this coming fall, they decided to theme their engagement photos so that they would match their weddings theme. This is a FANTABULOUS idea.

Theming your engagement session to your wedding’s style will allow you to use your engagement session for wedding decor. Guests LOVE looking through pictures. If there will be a little bit of a layover between all the guests arriving at the reception and your arrival at the reception, they can sift through a photo album or prints clipped to strings throughout the venue.

You guys may remember some of the decor placed at Mallory & Adam’s wedding and reception, which kept guests busy as they waited for us to finish pictures.

They were able to riffle through a vintage address file display of pictures from their engagement as well as photos they had strung up from tree to tree around the venue site. And guess what else what else you can do? When your wedding day is over, you already have pictures printed of your engagement to decorate your new home together with. Whether it’s just 4×6 prints or canvas, it’s a multipurpose use for getting the most out of your engagement session. Not just for memories sake 🙂

Below are Rachel and Daniel’s country themed engagement photos which will be complimenting their decorations at their barn wedding at The Barn on Boundary this fall.

First Family Camping Experience

Last month, our little family of four were finally able to go on an adventure together outside of the four walls of our home. We went camping together! Call me crazy for taking an almost 4 year old and 14 month old out into the wilderness. But we camped out at a relatively populated camp grounds with electricity and water available, so it wasn’t that insane. With a car packed to the brim, we headed out for a 24 hour test trip.

There were great friends, good conversation, hot(and cold) coffee, awesome bacon that can only be made over a fire, with cold fingers and toes, and the sun shining on our backs as we trekked through the woods, exploring the trails.

All in all, it was a success. I didn’t snap as many pictures as I wanted to because I was enjoying myself so much. But sometimes I think that’s okay. To live more in the moment, than behind the camera. This was the first trip of many to come. Adventure!