Mr. & Mrs. Klein ~ Culver Military Academy Wedding

An oldie but a goodie! In celebration of Veteran’s Day I thought I would share one of my favorite weddings from last year that was held at the Culver Military Academy.

Let me start by saying that I can not stress enough how much rain will NOT ruin your wedding day.

This wedding is proof of that fact! Rainy weather creates beautiful images due to the soft lighting. And psst. It’s an old wives tale that it’s good luck! Having a backup plan and a sense of flexibility is a must for outdoor weddings, but regardless of whether things go as planned or not, you walk away at the end of the day, married to the one that you love =)

Anyway, it just so happens that it did rain on The Klein’s wedding day. Ashley had contacted me when I had first moved to Kokomo regarding her wedding that was to be held in the front of the grand stable doors at Culver. We met up over coffee to discuss her plans and guess who she brought along…her new baby boy!!! He was probably only a month old if even that. And she looked amazing! She walked down the aisle a month later, rocking her wedding dress with little man come down afterwards, suited up as the ring bearer.

Things didn’t quite go as planned and we were rained out after the ceremony.

But between the drizzles we were able to step out and snap a few photographs among the puddles and head on out to the reception.

Guests celebrated among the red, white, and blue wedding decor, and enjoyed cake, coffee, and red velvet cookies. And the rest is history! Thanks for letting me share in the memories Ashley! Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!