Christmas Mini Sessions ~ Kokomo Indiana Photography Studio

This has been our biggest Christmas season yet and my goodness it has not disappointed! From the VW Bus to the Tree Farm to our new boutique studio space in Downtown Kokomo, it has been an incredible month.

I wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know what is open and what is closed as far as mini sessions go! We’ve seen a lot of excitement over these sessions and they aren’t over yet <3 Here’s what’s open and what will be back in time for those Christmas cards.

1.) Christmas PJ Mini sessions are still open for booking.

These are studio mini sessions using our milky white lifestyle bedding setup at the new studio space on Buckeye Street in Downtown Kokomo Indiana. I highly recommend these sessions for little ones because 1) it’s indoors so we are nice and toasty 2) everyone loves being in their jammie jams and 3) we are right next to Oscars Pizza and 3 Amigos which means family fun plus an easy dinner. Win win win.

2. Christmas Couch Studio mini sessions are still open for booking.

This is our second holiday photography studio option with our festive Christmas couch and Charlie Brown styled tree. This session is full of muted tones, a little splash of color, wood elements, and is bound to get you into the mood for Christmas. Also great for kids due to the indoor environment and psssst. If they get bored, they can sneak over to the play area or help themselves to our mini snack bar.

3.) Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions are (kind of) open, (kind of) closed.

I LOVE Christmas Tree Farms. Love them. There are few more picturesque spaces for Christmas photography sessions than a tree farm. Each year we use Dulls Tree Farm out in Thorntown Indiana for our sessions and they always sell out in record time.

These sessions were hosted on November 21st and are technically over. Dulls Tree Farm closes to photographers once they start their tree cutting season the day after Thanksgiving.

However, we are allowed to follow families to Dulls Tree Farm to preserve memories of them cutting down their actual tree(known as a lifestyle session). There are also a few local tree farms that are still open to photographers for “posed” portrait sessions and I am still offering full size sessions for booking at these locations.

4.) Christmas VW Bus Mini Sessions are closed.

So sad right? We got to meet “Helen” this year, a gorgeous mint condition red and white VW Bus that we special rented just for our Clients. We rent a bus each year for Christmas minis and hope to see Helen again in 2021.

5.) Ode to the 70s Ugly Christmas Minis are open.

The actual worst and best thing I’ve ever created, hands down. This was started for some light hearted fun and ended up turning into our first ever photography charity event “Deck Their Halls”. We opened up these session to raise funds to sponsor a family for Christmas and to literally “Deck Their Halls” with Christmas decor, dinner, and gifts. We maxed out our session load within 6 hours and booked 24 session time slots, from which the proceeds will be 100% donated to a family in need for Christmas. These are actually taking place this coming weekend, so excited!

The charity event is full, however, these are still open upon special request and are available for booking throughout the month of December. You’ll definitely be on top of your Christmas card game with these bad boys.

And there you have it! What’s opened and what’s closed. If you’d like to book one of the open sessions, let’s talk! You can email me directly at or fill out the contact form here. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Christmas PJ Mini Sessions ~ Kokomo Indiana Photography Studio

We are FINALLY moved into our new studio! We relocated to Buckeye Street on November 1st, right next to Oscars Pizza and man has it been a good change. It took us a while to get things sorted, but we are officially feeling at home, which means…it’s mini session time!

I knew I wanted to do studio Christmas minis but I wasn’t sure if I’d do jammy jam sessions. But each year we buy our own little ones matching Christmas PJs, so I thought we would test them out.

I am soooo in love with the results, so we are, for sure, doing Christmas PJ Mini Sessions this year at the new studio location!

Sign up is for Saturday December 5th and you can choose your own time slot. Sessions are $275 and include use of the studio lifestyle bed with Christmas decor. Parents are welcome to participate and every age is welcome, even the itty bitty babies! I recommend shopping for matching PJs at Old Navy, Carters, or Children’s Place.

Also, make a night of it! Our new location is surrounded by family fun. You can get hair cuts/makeup done next door at Fade Salon, hop over to the studio for your portraits, and walk next door to Oscars Pizza or just down the street to 3 Amigos for dinner. Seriously the best.

Email me at to book! See you all soon!

The Brinkleys & Family – Kokomo Indiana Photographer

You guys, how grown up is Saylor!? You may remember her sweet face(and beautiful red hair) gracing my Facebook and Instagram more than once, I can’t seem to get enough of her. Her parents(the gorgeous couple above) decided to document her first year of life by choosing one of our Grow With Me Plans and we’ve been watching her bloom ever since.

This was our first outdoor session together and my goodness it didn’t disappoint. It was technically the day before the “first” day of Fall but we managed to find some beautiful fall colors anyway to celebrate the coming change.

David & Carly were as beautiful as ever and easily cuddled into poses for their session(because loooooove). They matched up outfits perfectly for their session and Carly chose a gorgeous cotton rust dress which is a very “in” color and fabric for fall sessions this year.

They brought along their extended family this time, including Grandma Rita who I feel like I’ve become BFFs with via social media over the last year. Of course she ADORES Saylor just like I do so she frequently comments on my work whenever S pops up. It was so nice to finally meet her in person.

And oh my goodness, don’t get me started on the sweet couple to the right, Casey & Jacob who are Saylor’s Aunt & Uncle. Just as playful as they are sweet, I’d ask them to hug or kiss and I’d usually be met with funny faces, flirty jokes, and wrestling moves.

I adored getting to know this family and little more and watching them have so much fun together during their session. See my favorite below <3 Thanks for coming out you guys!

Kura & Eleanora’s Breastfeeding Story

Breastfeeding is a memory that I’ll just never want to forget.

The challenge. The frustration. The overwhelming need for food. The exhaustion. The weighted feeds. The literal blood sweat and tears. The lactation consultations. The pumping. The weeks of hard work. And the eventual routine(whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding) that became as easy as breathing.

Nursing little ones is something very near and dear to my heart. With three babies of my own and having experienced the *many* struggles of motherhood( breastfeeding being just one of them), I was so excited when Kura contacted me requesting a breastfeeding session!

She wanted to celebrate 6 incredible months of feeding Eleanora and we did just that.

6 months is one of my favorite ages to photograph, they are so curious! Eleanora was definitely hungry but her curiosity won over her hunger many times. She stretched this way and that way to look at the stranger with the camera making all the clicking noises while she was trying to enjoy her dinner.

Happy 6 months Eleanora & Kura!

Arianna ~ Central Indiana Newborn Photography

Raise your hand if you love Harry Potter.

Now raise your hand if you love creamy dreamy neutrals and muted pinks on baby girls.

We are big HP fans(didn’t get to watch the movies until I was 20!) and when I found out Jenny & Mike were also fans, I knew we had to incorporate at least one Harry Potter theme into their newborn session with Arianna, complete with sorting hat.

Arianna was such a dream and slept through her entire session. We snacked on some famous grilled blue berry muffins from Kokomo’s Main Street Cafe while we worked and we were able to do sooooo many pretty things. Her mama chose my favorite newborn package, the Cashmere Collection, and we ended up with a whopping 94 images!

See some of my favorites from her session below <3

If you want to come see the Jessica Newton Photography newborn studio yourself, let us know! We offer tours and consultations to new parents that want to check us out. To schedule a tour or a session, contact us here.

Studio Motherhood Minis ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

Alright alright alright. I already told this story the other day on Facebook. But it’s a good story so I’m going to share it on the blog too 😉

What an emotional week it has been.

Want to hear a cool story? 

I was overjoyed last month when we got to reopen the studio after our covid 19 shutdown. We have had 29 sessions in the last 28 days! It has been go go go go ever since & I couldn’t be happier to see you all again.

I sure do miss my kids when I’m working though & this year has been particularly hard because we decided that Benji was our last.

Which means, slowly over the last few weeks, we’ve been de-baby proofing the house. Something I thought I would enjoy, but turns out, it hurts like the dickens. 

We put away the heirloom glass baby bottles, we took down the crib, we sorted the newborn clothes, we got rid of the sippy cups, we went through the tiny hospital mementos, we updated the baby books & now we’ve taken down the baby gates. 

Huge milestones that I’m so happy about but also very bittersweet. I knew Benji was likely our last, so I pushed for all of the pregnancy and newborn goals that I knew I wanted, one of which was to have a successful breastfeeding journey, something that I was unable to do with my older two littles. Benji and I made it to 15 glorious months and it’s still one of my favorite “milestones” that I was able to experience in motherhood.

This week I was prepping the studio for a motherhood mini & as I heard my clients coming up the stairs, I also heard a familiar voice that I couldn’t quite place. 

Chelsy walked in with her kiddos & there was something so familiar about her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I immediately felt a sense of calm but I had no idea why. 

I had to ask her how we knew one another. She looked so familiar but I didn’t recognize her name.

Chelsy was one of my lactation consultants. In the early bleary days of Benji’s life, when we were struggling with those hourly feeds, painful latches, a lip & tongue tie diagnosis, a failure to thrive outcome, I cried & cried & cried in her office, desperate to know why my body couldn’t feed my baby the way I wanted it to. For the third time. I knew Benji was likely our last & I wanted so badly to have a successful breastfeeding journey with him.

With Chelsy’s support, we got there. I was able to nurse Benji for those 15 months because of her. After 5 weeks of sitting in her office, countless weighted feeds & questions, after 5 weeks of support, she got us there. 

It was such a joy filled session. Not only to watch Chelsy interact with her own little ones, but to be in the presence of a Mom that I owed so much too. To see her again, in the midst of putting away “baby hood” for our family and being reminded of those blissful nursing days that I’ve come to remember and love.

Chelsy, was such a joy to see you again and to preserve your memories of motherhood. Thank you for helping me preserve mine 🖤

Chelsie & Evan ~ The Kokomo Hobson ~ Indiana Wedding Photographer

There are so many cool stories tied into this blog, I don’t even know where to start!

Chelsie & Evan’s wedding day was ah-mazing. It was our first ever leap year wedding and was the last wedding we had the pleasure to photograph as wedding photographers before Covid-19 appeared(go awayyyyy Covid and Carole Baskin!).

It was also our first wedding at The Kokomo Hobson, which is not only a DREAM wedding venue, it’s also run by the sweetest staff. Two of which (Bo & Kura I’m looking at you!) just had the cutest baby and we were able to photograph her newborn photography session back in January.

Soooo remember Chelsie & Evan’s surprise engagement session from last year? Click here to read the full story, but basically Evan surprised Chelsie by proposing to her during a family photography session we had together in Logansport Indiana at France Park and it was the sweetest thing ever!

From then on, I KNEW their wedding day was going to be one of my favorites. Their general compassion towards others and their love for one other is obvious to everyone that knows them. And I knew their wedding day would be filled with true emotions that ran deep.

My favorite part of the day? Their vows.

Chelsie and Evan decided to read their vow privately, only to each other, and to share standards vows during their ceremony in front of guests. It was the most private of moments that I felt so honored to be a fly on the wall for. Evan had the biggest tears streaming down his face and Chelsie’s smiles were just as big, if not bigger.

Their wedding is by far one of my favorites yet and I can’t wait to see where life takes them. Congratulations Chelsie & Evan!

Wedding Photography: Jessica Newton Photography
Wedding Venue: The Hobson
Vow Stationary: La Pomme et la Pipe
Flowers: Full Flowers shop on Etsy
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Wedding Dress: Luxe Redux Bridal
Invitations: Louie’s Tux Shop
Tux: Louie’s Tux Shop
Groomsmen Gifts: Urban Farmhouse Tampa
Garland on the tables: Heller Nursery in Decatur
Cake: Sheri’s Edible Art

Baby Lyrah ~ Kokomo Indiana Newborn Photography

Can I just say one thing? DREAM BABY.

Lyrah came into the studio fully prepared(thanks to her parents dedication in using our newborn prep guide) and she was soooo sleepy. She slept through her entire session and we were able to get so. many. setups. during her session.

My favorite part of the session may be the neutral rainbow backdrop that we created. Her mama had written in her session questionnaire that she’d like to use rainbows for Lyrah’s session, but after talking she decided that it didn’t go with Lyrah’s skin tone. So we tried something new and created a beautiful skin toned rainbow and it turned out perfect!

Here are out favorites. Want to book your own session? Contact me here.


I’ll never forget this time.

It’s weird to *know* when you’re living history. I mean sure, we document our lives and we all have a history. But to know we are living moments, memories, times that will actually be in a history book? Something that our children and grandchildren will read about?


Something weirder is that I can without a doubt say that this has been the worst and best time of my life.

Someone compared the feeling to grief, and I think that’s not a far cry from it. We’ve all lost something here. But we’ve also gained something else in the process.

When the numbers of covid cases started creeping up in the world, when it finally made it’s way into the United States, when the first case showed up in Kokomo, when Kokomo announced the closure of the schools, when the city posted an ordinance of the temporary closure of all non-essential businesses…it felt like my life was over.

Last year was so good to us. So good that I cried. so. stinking. much. because I couldn’t believe that this was our life and because I was so scared to lose it. It was so good, that it was too good.

I must have told Jon this a million times about how scared I was for it all to end. For it to be gone. For something to finally swoop in and ruin our happily ever after.

Thoughts the last couple weeks:

“This is it. This is what I’ve been fearing.”

“The other shoe has finally dropped”

“How are we going to tell the kids?”

“How am I going to teach the kids?”

“What if one of us dies?”

“What if someone we know dies?”

“How are we going to keep our kids safe?”

“How are we going to keep each other safe?”

“How am I going to keep my business from going under?”

“How are all of our small business friends going to recover?”

“How is Kokomo(which has FINALLY started to grow) going to recover?”

“How are WE going to recover?”

Needless to say, the inside of my head has not been a pleasant place to live. I’ve been crabby, moody, and walking around feeling pretty much hopeless.

But wouldn’t you know it. After about a week something started creeping on in, just like she always does.


I didn’t think she would come around. I’ve been pretty unhappy the last two weeks. But as I was sitting the other day in my own pitty party, praying, trying to squeeze in just a few minutes of silence after what had been an overwhelming day, and wondering how we were going to get through this, that still small voice showed up.

“Jessica. If you had chosen to take this time off, you’d have been happy about it.”

Dang it.

Don’t you hate it when you realize that you’ve been sour for no reason? Or said something angrily to someone and then realize that YOU are the one that made the mistake?

If you told me that I’d get to take off three weeks to spend with my kids, to do the things that I love, to make homemade play dough, to play in the dirt, to race paper boats, to catch up on the endless pile of laundry, to read a book, to take a long bath, to have fun…I would have been overjoyed.

But because this was something out of my control and something that significantly impacts our family financially, I was hopeless.

Two weeks ago, I was handed a gift.

Just because it’s a bad time, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time too. Joy can be found in any place, regardless of our circumstances. We just have to look for her.


She found me. Because I let her.

And I’m so glad I did.

Tips for Photographing Your Newborn ~ Kokomo Indiana Photographer

A virus(he who shall not be named!) is taking over. It’s caused uncertainty for parents everywhere but we want to alleviate just a tiny bit of that uncertainty. We want to help.

Right now hospitals are closing it’s doors to visitors, including photographers, which may mean that your scheduled Fresh 48 session with us has been cancelled. But that doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from the hospital without memories of your baby.

Here are some tips from us on how to photograph your newborn baby at the hospital if your photographer can not attend your birth/fresh 48 session.

1). Prepare your camera.

Whether it’s an iphone or DSLR, make sure that your lens is clean. A dirty lens will create hazy images. We want crisp clean images, so be sure to wipe down your camera lens or your phone lens so that it is free of oils and smudges. A warm damp cloth works well.

2). Time your session.

The best time of day to photograph your baby is going to be in the daytime. If the sky is overcast, you can photograph your baby almost any time while the sun is out. If the sky is clear and sunny, it’s best to wait until the sun is highest in the sky and not shining directly into your window with sun beams.

Be sure to raise any blinds on the window and turn off all lights in the room, so that the only light coming in is from the window. It will be dark, don’t worry, window light is sufficient.

3). Prepare your baby.

Feed your baby prior to the session. This way Baby will have a full tummy and they’ll be more likely to stay calm while you are taking photos. And if not, no worries! If you start taking photos of your baby and they cry, comfort them and/or offer some more food until they are happy or asleep.

4). Dressing baby.

Take photos of baby swaddled and photos of baby unswaddled.

We recommend using the plain white hospital issued newborn outfits. These are nostalgic and represent your time with baby in the hospital.

When swaddling, keep in mind that nurses are the *best* swaddlers. If you need help, they are happy to assist. For photos the swaddle should be nice and snug around baby, and not around their face so that you can see their sweet little cheeks and chin. We also recommend utilizing the hospital issued blanket as a swaddle or any Aiden + Anais muslin swaddle.

5). Placing baby.

Clean up any loose clothing items, gifts, belongings, etc. away from the window so they will not be in the photographs. Wheel the bassinet as close to the window as you can and lock the wheels.

There are multiple ways that you can position baby but for the most beautiful shadows I recommend having the back of Baby’s head facing the window, so that the light falls down and across their face. You can also lay the bassinet flat against the window lengthwise for a lovely silhouette shot.

6). Focus.

Between each photo, check your focus. It’d be awful to take all these beautiful photos but for them to be fuzzy. Focus on Baby’s eyes whenever taking photos of their face.

7). Details.

Don’t forget them. Details mean so so so very much years later. Get as close to those little eyelashes as you can. Take photos of their ears, their wrinkly hands, their sweet little cow like, and their blushy toes. Added details of the bassinet name card, your room number, and your birthing suite hallways are also great details to have as remember your time at the hospital.

I hope this is helpful! Just remember to add your camera to your hospital to go bag, get lots of rest before photographing your baby, and have fun. Stay safe and healthy, we will see you all very soon!