Lauren & Jem ~ Peru Indiana Engagement Photographer

When I met L & J this past winter, I was about to come out of my seat to hug them both.

I get EXCITED about weddings. So excited. I have a love for beautiful things, beautiful venues, and wedding planning organization. But mostly I have a love for beautiful people, authentic emotions, and “real” candid moments that just can’t be faked. And that exactly describes Laurne & Jem.

L & J described their wedding as a big barbecue. A relaxed gathering for friends and family with the setting taking place on their flower farm known as Catey Heritage. Authenticity is the priority for the day with candids being the focus.

Lauren is a talented florist and they will be growing flowers in and out of their hoop house for decor and for her bridal bouquet. Their wedding ceremony will take place on the family property with a decorated mesh corn silo as the ceremony arbor. They’ll be bbqing a hog and ordering pizza later for snacks.

Jem & Lauren have been working hard on their new property since moving from Chicago last year to transform the space into their home. And since the wedding will be taking place at their Peru Indiana farmhouse, they knew it was the perfect space for their engagement session too.

With chickens talking in the background, baby cows out to pasture, cornfields everywhere, and their sweet pup running about, we had SUCH a good session together. I was able to take a peak at their wedding space, the greenhouses that they’d worked so hard on, and all of the summer zinnias and queen anne’s lace popping up everywhere.

Their friendly pup and kitty cat showed up throughout the evening and you can see their sweet dog photobombing us in the background of most images.

The most memorable part for me was the train. The entrance to L&J’s property crosses an active railroad, and wouldn’t you know it, a railroad had snuck in during our session and decided to sleep on the tracks for a bit. By the time our session ended it was dusk(9pm-ish) and I’m pretty sure I heard someone mutter “Oh S***” when I look up to see the train blocking my only exit.

So we took advantage of it! We drove down to the end of the lane and used the train as a backdrop. It was part of the story since trains frequently stop in front of their home(sometimes causing them to miss the local farmer’s markets or to be late to work). The sunset gave us the most lovely colors and the day was ended on a good note.

The train did in fact move not long after, but while I was waiting I actually got a video of it haha! It was SO LOUD when it finally took off, the noise was from all the train cars clanking at once. Steam engines are cool. Science is cool.

Anyway, sorry for the extended train saga but that was just the funniest thing and was an adventurous way to end an engagement session. Hope you enjoyed my personal favs from their session and I can’t wait to be back again for their wedding in October <3 Crossing my fingers that we get stuck by a train again so we can ride it into Peru 😉

Also be sure to check out Catey Heritage if you’re in the Peru area! They can be found at the local Peru Indiana/Miami County farmers market with local produce. They also have a weekly CSA membership for 100% organic fresh cute flower bouquets <3

Aaaand if you want to see that video. Skip to 2:40 if you want to hear the crazy chain reaction from the train cars all moving: