The Jessica Newton Photography Workshop ~ Behind the Scenes

There was fun to be had this past month! The studio has been kept busy busy busy this winter and I’m sooooo looking forward to doing this again in just a few short days!

In February I opened up the JNP studio here in Kokomo Indiana to other newborn photographers, most of them from Indianapolis. We met for some fun and community time, but most importantly we met over a common goal. To become better newborn photographers.

Newborn photography is HARD. It’s so different from any other kind of photography and requires extensive posing knowledge and safety techniques. We focused on both for this newborn photography workshop, so that participants could leave with the knowledge to comfortably and successfully work with newborns on their own.

And surprise…TWINS! After having several newborn photography models cancel and coming down ill with the flu, we were in a desperate search for a baby to play with. As luck would have it, the Atkins family let us borrow their twin son and daughter duo for the session and they were absolutely perfect.

My newborn workshops are built in mind for a hands on experience, so that photographers leave with both technical knowledge and physical muscle memory from working with real babies. We practiced wrapping techniques, parent posing, bucket/basket posing, as well as bean bag posing. Having twins made things even more versatile and interesting and I’m sooooo grateful to Grace and Nicholas for letting us snuggle their babies. We also had a 3rd newborn model come in for the 2nd half of the workshop, though I’ll be doing a blog post on him later 😉

If you’re interested in attending a JNP workshop, we’d love to hear from you! Our next workshop is on March 30th followed by our last workshop of 2019 on April 27th. Email for class info and pricing. Happy baby snuggling!