Surprise Proposal Session ~ Kokomo Photographer

Ohhhhhhhh myyyy goodness. This may be my favorite. session. ever. A SUPRISE PROPOSAL!!!

Sorry, no internet shouting, I’ll stop. But seriously! I’ve been wanting to do a surprise proposal for years and it has finally happened. Evan and Chelsie are engaged!!!!!!!

I’ve know Chelsie for quite sometime. I worked with her and her extended family back in the fall of 2015. Her son Parker was just a little itty bitty guy at the time.

Since then I’ve watched her and her son grow. I’ve seen them ever year since during the Fall season and I’ve been able to document their story together.

This past Fall in 2018 I saw them again, but this time someone new showed up with them. Mr. Evan. I hadn’t met Evan prior to this but it soooooo obvious that they were in love. They were both beaming and a tad nervous, I’m not sure if they had had any professional pictures together prior to this. Evan played with Parker so well during the session and added the perfect smile to their duo, now trio of a family.

A few months ago(January or February I think) I received an email from Evan, which I found very curious when I saw the name pop up in my inbox. I had never talked to Evan directly except for at their session, Chelsie handled all the photo communication up until that point.

Imagine my surprise when Evan tells me that he’s going to propose!!! He had it all planned out. He thought it would be a good idea for me to “fake” a model call and to reach out to Chelsie to see if she and her family would be interested in modeling for me so that I could update my Spring portfolio. Evan doesn’t like doing pictures and Chelsie knows this, so him booking a session with me outright would be suspicious.

We(Evan and myself) decided on a location out near Logansport Indiana. We scouted out the area together early one more and came up with a plan.

We decided to start shooting family pictures first. After a while we would up the trail and head to a cliff overlooking this gorgeous quarry.

I’d simply pull Chelsie aside, asking her if I could get some individual shots of just her, so that I could also have some photos for a headshot portfolio. And while Chelsie was distracted, Evan would pull himself and Park up behind her.

And ta da! She said yes <3

See what you think! This is definitely a favorite of mine so far. Chelsie it’s been so wonderful to meet your family over the years and to watch it change from being just the two of you to now the three. I can’t wait to see where life takes you and I wish you all the happiness in the world!